Aleksey Volkov

Aleksey Volkov

Dossier Rarity: Rare
Dossier Source:
This Agent's Dossier can be sold for 1000 Anima Shards or traded and sold on the Auction House.

"Subject is an FSB Spetsnaz operative with a deep hatred for the Phoenicians. Sources indicate this is due to a mission off the coast of Ethiopia. Believing he was rescuing a cargo ship from pirates, the subject's crew suffered many casualties upon discovering the pirates were heavily armed Phoenicians.

Rudely made aware of the existence of the Phoenicians, subject now keeps close tabs on their activity, though he is still outclassed by the organization.

Subject desires revenge. Offer him the means."

Agent Details

Gender Male
Profession FSB Operative
Species Human
Age 41


△ Prowess

24 (Level 1)
◻ Adaptability 16 (Level 1)
❍ Ingenuity 17 (Level 1)



Special Forces Training

Aleksey is trained to ruthlessly complete the objective no matter the cost, increasing the likelihood of getting Outstanding Results on missions which make use of Power traits.


Thirst for Revenge

Aleksey won't stop until his revenge is complete and has trained his body and mind to this end, increasing his Prowess and Ingenuity.

Agent Support Ability

FSB Training

Level 25 Passive Ability

+150 Crit Power Rating

Level 50 Passive Ability

213 Damage on Critical Hits

Mission Report Dialogue

Complete Results

"Fetch me brown pants, we were outnumbered!"

Successful Results

"The only good Phoenician is a fucking dead one!"

Outstanding Results

"The only good Phoenician is a fucking dead one!"

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