Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2022

The enigmatic Envoys make their appearance in Agartha as the vernal equinox springs near. From 16 March 2022 starting at 9 AM EDT all the way to 31 March 2022 at 9 AM EDT, the Druids of Avalon will be seeking the aid of those Secret Worlders who wander the World Tree's thoroughfares.

The Envoys' main representative, Fearghas Abernathy, stands tall by the Seed of Life within the Hollowed Halls of Agartha (565,190) in search of those willing sweetlings. Speak to him to begin.

Daylight: Saved(?)
Equinox: Vernal
Envoys: En Route Tomorrow

Throughout their time in Agartha, the Envoys also bring sales! Distillate Shifters, Druid Agent Boosters, Fusion Catalysts, and even Sprint Upgrades V and VI are discounted...

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Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2022 Sale

The Envoys of Avalon have made their appearance in Agartha as the equinox approaches. The Druids bring a great many things with them while seeking the aid of those Secret Worlders who wander Agartha's thoroughfares and hollowed halls from 16 March 2022 through 30 March 2022 and all the way up until 31 March 2022 at 9 AM EDT -- including sales! A swath of Power Items are discounted by 30% and a rush of cosmetics are all on sale for 50% and include things both seasonally appropriate and ready for those who gotta go fast! Sprint Upgrades V and VI are at a reduced price, so take this chance to get up to speed!

Each item on sale can easily be distinguished by the red...

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Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest

Romance blossoms and love blooms, but you can always be sure that the Romantic Cake will be there for you and your crew. Thanks to Mr Rosenbaum, this cake is just a sweetheart. The Romantic Cake helps you out when times are tough. Regardless of whether you simply love cake or have seen this treat prevent defeat, the season of romance is the perfect time to share some appreciation for such a loving confectionery creation!

From 9 February 2022 until until the hands of time land on 25 February 2022, turn the tables on Mr Rosenbaum and create a Romantic Cake of your own!

Share your love for Secret World Legends and ravenously reaped Romantic Cake! Make sweet treats in the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest! All beloved bees wh...

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Valentine's Day 2022

Do you feel romance dancing in the breeze, sweetlings? From 14 February through 28 February 2022 and ending at 9 AM EST on 1 March 2022, Secret World Legends' Valentine's Day event is here and the hive is abuzz with love! Don't be afraid to share your affection for those you care most for with sweets, treats, and love taps galore!

Alongside the Valentine's Day event is slew of discounts on thematically appropriate cosmetics, so be sure to pick a peep at the Valentine's Day 2022 Sale!

It’s time again; love is in the air, and with it: The passion of pugilism returns to Secret World Legends! Starting February 14 unti...

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Valentine's Day 2022 Saintly Sweet Sale

Romance rises! The Rosenbrawl is open-invite for all guests as Valentine's Day nears. The vibrant glow of love is here, and with it comes sales for each dear! From 14 February 2022 at 9 AM EST to 1 March 2022 at 9 AM EST, delight in discounts sure to make you cheer!

A pack of caring cosmetics are discounted by 50% for the duration of the 2022 Valentine's Day Event! A selection of Clothing, Emotes, and a Pet are all 50%. One emote, "Make It Rain", is reduced by 90% from its base price of 9 999 Aurum all the way down to 1 000 Aurum! It's the perfect point to make it rain, sweetlings!

The swarm of sweet distillates from the Valentine's Day Event makes for a great time to grab some imbuers or catalysts, and the season's unique fe...

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