Anniversary 2021 Celebration Sale

The Anniversary of Secret World Legends is here and the bees are abuzz during this joyous jubilee! For the whole length of the Fourth Anniversary - 25 June 2021 through 15 July 2021 - you can find a sweet selection of items on sale! Of the Instant Purchases, Sprints IV, V, and VI Upgrades are 30% off, all Distillate Shifters are 15% off, all Item Upgrades such as Catalysts and Imbuers are 35% off, and Agent Boosters are 35% off as well. For Cosmetics, an enormous set of celebratory clothes are on sale for 50% off alongside Emotes, Pets, and Sprints which are all reduced by 55% save for Make It Rain and its customary 90% discount which makes it a reasonable price for once.

Not only that, but every single Weapon Skin that can be purchased through the Dressing Room, including the golde...

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Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2021 Reward Compensation

To compensate for the 2021 Vernal Equinox Daily Login Rewards for the Envoys of Avalon ending one day earlier than the event itself, Funcom has granted a Weapon Fusion Catalyst to all players who claimed at least one of the Envoys' Seasonal Daily Login Rewards for this year's vernal equinox! This Weapon Fusion Catalyst can be found for a limited time in Delivered Items as accessible through the main menu or through the /delivereditems command.

Anyone who has at least one daily login reward claimed from the Spring Equinox 2021 cycle should now have a Weapon Fusion Catalyst in their Delivered Items. You may snag this once on each character on your account! You have until April 10 to claim this.

The Daily Login Rewards for the Envoys of Avalon's visit this ...

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Envoys of Avalon Vernal Equinox 2021

The equinox draws near as spring begins to bloom. The Envoys of Avalon embark for the Hollow Earth! In this rare venture out of Avalon, the Druids beseech any Secret Worlders to help them prepare for potential Occult Disaster.

The Envoys of Avalon are in Agartha from March 17 through March 31 to April 1 at 9 AM EDT. During the duration of the event, all Agent Booster: Druids of Avalon items are 35% off, as well!

Their main representative, Fearghas Abernathy, stands tall by the Seed of Life within the Hollowed Halls of the World Tree (565,190) and seeks those willing sweetlings. Speak to him to begin the seasonal mission The Equinox and head i...

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Valentine's Day 2021 Sale

It's time for Valentine's! Love is fresh in the air and the consumerism spirit is high on the pink-candied glow of romance! From February 10th to March 1st, you can delve into the loving season. There is no dearth of discounts here! A number of appropriate cosmetics are discounted by 50%, whereas all Item Upgrade power items are 30% off, which includes all Imbuers and Catalysts! Each item on sale can easily be distinguished by the red 'SALE' tag they possess on their price tag, so look for the red tags, sweetlings.

The swarm of distillates from the Valentine's Day Event makes a great time to grab some imbuers or catalysts, and the season's unique festive fashions are the perfect time to pick up some of the cosmetics on sale, as well!

All Secret W...

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Valentine's Day 2021

Secret World Legends' Valentine's Day and Rosenbrawl Open event is here for the 2021 season of love! Originally from 10 February 2021 through 24 February 2021 and extended to 1 March 2021, you too can show your love for others with gifts, friendship, and the power of punching... romantically.

Rosenbrawl & Valentine's shenanigans return tomorrow, February 10th through February 24th! Expect Rosenbrawl, Isabel's mission, the MYSTERIOUS MASKED PERSON, and some goodies on sale

During Valentine's Day, players can not only purchase a series of seasonally appropriate cosmetics from the Dressing Room, all of which are marked with a big red heart icon, but they can also buy Bags of Saint Valentinus and other items from the Tree Tender in Agartha ...

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