Mapping the Past

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Mapping the Past is the second in the "Exploratory Cartographer" Agent Mission Chain within the Conquistador story, second in the ♦️4 portion, and twelth overall in the storyline. The previous mission is The Agartha Cartographer and the following mission is Into Deep Time.

This mission can only be run by the Agent Jerónimo de Montejo.

The Conquistador
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Mapping the Past

Difficulty: ♦️4

Jerónimo de Montejo's unique abilities seem to work on a very intuitive level. Trying to have him teach even our most brilliant minds the fundamentals for even theoretical application is... well, frustrating. Better he should keep using these skills in the practical realm.

Deploy him to map out more of Agartha's time portals.

Mission Requirements


△ Prowess 0
◻ Adaptability 0
❍ Ingenuity 160


Intel 0
Supplies 0
Assets 4


Time 01:00:00

Potential Rewards

Item Rewards

Weapon Distillate (440cc) Requires Successful or Outstanding Results
Weapon Distillate (440cc) Requires Outstanding Results

Resource Rewards

Intel 3
Supplies 0
Assets 0
XP 1,440

Bonus Objective

Bonus Requirements

This Mission has 0 Bonus Requirements

Bonus Rewards

This Mission gives 0 Bonus Rewards

Mission Results Text


Jerónimo was unable to open that particular temporal portal.


Ancient Rome? Impressive. Give Jerónimo our thanks.

Outstanding Results

Ancient Rome? Impressive. Give Jerónimo our thanks.
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