The Conquistador's Secrets

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The Conquistador's Secrets is the second mission in the fifth and final Conquistador story chain "Once More Unto the Void", second in the ♦️5 portion of the story, and twentieth overall in the storyline. The previous mission is Into Dark Agartha and the following mission is The Riddle of Dark Agartha.

This mission cannot be run by the Agent Jerónimo de Montejo.

The Conquistador
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The Conquistador's Secrets

Difficulty: ♦️5

Several times, Jerónimo de Montejo has gone to and returned from the place or anomaly that we can only presume is "Dark Agartha". Every time, he refuses to comment on his findings, saying that he must "ponder". We need more intel. Send a discrete agent to enter Jerónimo's quarters, while he is away, and search for clues. He does not need to know this occurred.

A word of warning: we believe he's safeguarded his room with protective wards of a mystical nature. These will need to be dealt with.

Mission Requirements


△ Prowess 0
◻ Adaptability 210
❍ Ingenuity 0


Intel 8
Supplies 0
Assets 0


Time 00:15:00

Potential Rewards

Item Rewards

150 - 1500 Anima Shards Requires Successful or Outstanding Results
Crudely Drawn Map Requires Successful or Outstanding Results
Weapon Distillate (600cc) Requires Outstanding Results

Resource Rewards

Intel 0
Supplies 6
Assets 0
XP 450

Bonus Objective

Bonus Requirements


Bonus Rewards

Glyph Distillate (300cc)

Mission Results Text


Your agent failed to deactivate the wards and after a short flight has returned empty handed.


Your agent has returned and made some humble findings.

Outstanding Results

Your agent has returned and made some humble findings.
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