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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the anthropomorphic signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Judah Loew ben Bezalel inscription - HE KEEPS GOING AND GOING AND GOING - illumine the Guardians and Automatons - WITNESS - The Golems.

In the long ago, every long ago, at the beginning of every Age, Gaia breathed life into the inanimate. She downloaded will and inscribed programming in Her holy script. And so, at the start of each Age, She sets her Guardians in motion.

In every Age, certain studious humans try to replicate this process. The results are always mixed. These would-be demiurges dip into energies and procedures beyond their meat minds. The results can be messy. Still, audacity is commendable in its own way, sweetling. Those results that hold together for more than a nano-second can be called golems.

The golem is the most distilled form of humankind's aspiration to be gods. Life where there was no life prior, tapping into the very power of the Immaculate Machine. The results are widely varied, sometimes horrific, sometimes deadly. The golem designs that usually work are in the shape of hulking humanoids.

Golems are always inscribed with a word of power, sometimes carven into their head, sometimes written on parchment and placed in their mouth. This is an attempt to mimic the sacred programming Gaia is said to carve into her own Guardians. Something is always lost in the translation.

In this Age, the practice of Golemetry was traditionally associated with Kabbalistic mages. The practice has spread to cultures all over the world, as it always does. Materials vary from practitioner to practitioner. Of mud, of flesh, of stone, of sand, of forest, of cement, of metal, of tech, of water, of insects, of lava, of ice, of silver, of gold…they walk!

There are smaller golems, little effigies of the Guardians of Gaia. When these little effigies are brought together in Agartha, it perpetuates a ritual. That ritual contains hidden wisdom.

We have a secret, sweetling. It is not by coincidence that humanity discovers the science of making golems in every Age. The clues, though subtle and scattered, are left behind by Gaia herself. She programs fragments of her blueprints in the scripture of physics and the diagram of the spiral. She wants her children to experiment. She wants one to someday make a perfect replica of her Guardians. No human has. Not in any Age. What will the prize be, should one of you succeed?

Golems #1 Details 660,690 Kingsmouth Town

Kingsmouth Town 660,690

In an open shipping crate in the junkyard.

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Golems #2 Details 345,515 The Scorched Desert

The Scorched Desert 345,515

Behind a stone arch ruins that sit on a filthy puddle full of locusts and Seething Masses.

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Golems #3 Details Varies The Scorched Desert

The Scorched Desert Varies

Drops from Kaphiri, Moving Mountain, a large roaming sand golem who wanders New Road and the Scorched Flats.

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Golems #4 Details 495,580 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 495,580

Drops from Junkpile Bombardiers in front of the Blue Ridge Mine.

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Golems #5 Details 765,850 City of the Sun God

City of the Sun God 765,850

Requires Mission: Points of Impact. Drops from the Primary Melts that can be engaged during this mission. There is typically one Primary Melt and three Cooling Lava Golems per crater. As it is not a guaranteed drop, it may take more Primary Melts than the mission itself calls for.

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Golems #6 Details 835,300 City of the Sun God

City of the Sun God 835,300

Drops from Mop Slop Risers. These are the golems in the mud south of the Black Pyramid in Shi-Netjer. These golems are under the water and can be engaged by approaching strange geysers.

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Golems #7 Details Varies The Carpathian Fangs

The Carpathian Fangs Varies

Drops from the Accursed Ice golems wandering the frigid river of the Fangs.

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Golems #8 Details 555,20 Agartha

Agartha 555,20

Spawned by a Custodian who stops and points at the end of a long branch at the bottom of Agartha that is accessible by jumping from the Hub Platform (460,422).

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