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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the hungry signal - RECEIVE - initiate the vampiric prerogative - NEITHER GHOST NOR DEMON, BUT YET WHO PARTAKES THE DARK NATURES AND POSSESSES THE MYSTERIOUS AND TERRIBLE QUALITIES OF BOTH - illumine the Spectral Realms - WITNESS - The Kyonshi.

There is a boy. He hears something outside his window. He threw two handfuls of rice there, just before sundown. Will it be enough? Grandma told him about the hopping corpses and hungry ghosts. She told him a body might rise, if a pregnant cat jumps over the coffin. She told him the kyonshi are covered in mold and decay, and rigor mortis forces them to move in hopping motions. She told him that when they see a pile of rice, they are compelled to count every grain. The sound at the window is getting louder. He prays the rice will last till morning.

Sometimes death goes wrong. When a person's spiritual soul, the hun, leaves their body, but the animal soul, the po, remains, one of the hungry dead can result. The cadavers rise, hunting and devouring the life essence of their living victims. The Chinese call them the jianghsi. The Vietnamese call them gangshi. In Japan, they are known as kyonshi. They are not only found in Asia, sweetling, but have spread to other parts of the world.

We see them in Kaidan. We see them claiming the cemeteries, dislodging the local spectres. These illimitable kyonshi. Kill them, and they rise again. Undying, yet not unstoppable. They can be locked down, transfixed to the the ground and paralysed, if a sacred Ofuda scroll is affixed to their head.

Kyonshi #1 Details 780,170 Kaidan

Kaidan 780,170

Behind a lamppost in an alley in the Orochi Housing Projects.

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Kyonshi #2 Details 820,605 Kaidan

Kaidan 820,605

Behind the shrine in the graveyard full of Illimitable Kyonshi.

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Kyonshi #3 Details 730,740 Kaidan

Kaidan 730,740

In a dead-end alleyway near an Illimitable Kyonshi.

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Kyonshi #4 Details 830,565 Kaidan

Kaidan 830,565

Near an Illimitable Kyonshi by a door and a wooden ramp to the street below.

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