Vampire Super Soldiers

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TRANSMIT - initiate the laboratory signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Cold War rejects - NOW TWICE AS STRONG AND NO SIDE EFFECTS - illumine the Menagerie of the Vampire - WITNESS - The Vampire Super Soldiers.

Vampire blood, yes sweetling, but this is something different. These are humans modified beyond recognition through applications of modified vampire genes. They are more demon than mortal, muscles swelled to grotesque proportions. They were created as occult warriors with advanced telepathic and psychokinetic abilities. They are killing machines with a purity that is not compromised by any nuance.

They are unfortunate throwbacks to the bioenergetics program of the Soviet 'occult KGB', the Red Hand, during the Cold War. Scientists vivisected vampiric captives, performing transplant surgery on human test subjects. This met with some success, but the resulting mutants were too violent to efficiently obey their psychic triggers. Rather than risk its own psionic operatives with the unpredictable blood frenzies of the super soldiers, the Red Hand brokered a compromise with the military. Cosmonaut dropouts, already intensively trained for precognitive powers, were forcibly enlisted and dosed on a cocktail of drugs and vampiric blood to serve as controllers.

Experimentation continued. The Soviet research program did succeed in creating vampire soldiers impervious to sunlight. But in the end, the super soldiers were deemed too difficult to wield. Without the constant influence of their controllers, the soldiers went berserk. The program was officially shut down. The facility was cleansed, as much as possible, and sealed.

And then came Mara, the vampire queen. She has broken the occult seals on those secret laboratories beneath the forest. You see, Mara had been the one to initiate those experiments, as commanded by Lilith. The program was supposed to be shut down, their lovely soldiers sealed away and saved until the day that Mara needed them. And now the super soldiers follow the commands of their pure-bred siblings…for the most part. They are difficult to control, even for Mara's brood.

Vampire Super Soldiers #1 Details 240,340 The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse 240,340

In the beginning of the dungeon after the first Tesla Coil on the way to the Psychoassailant.

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Vampire Super Soldiers #2 Details 335,915 The Besieged Farmlands

The Besieged Farmlands 335,915

Drops from the rare boss Cannibal Prince in a corner of the Observatory complex. Access this grassy portion of the Observatory from a broken fence near its top (395,1000). The Cannibal Prince wanders the premises. Multiple people may be needed to kill him.

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Vampire Super Soldiers #3 Details 305,140 The Facility

The Facility 305,140

Behind a large pipe in the room of the very first boss.

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Vampire Super Soldiers #4 Details 240,195 The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse 240,195

To the immediate left of the cryogenic hall where the Vampiric Plunderer, the fifth boss, awaits.

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Vampire Super Soldiers #5 Details 345,220 The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse 345,220

In the small doorway exit to Agartha after the final boss. This is the only exit that is not pipes. Be careful to cancel the exit popup, as it triggers very close to this lore.

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