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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the celalalt taram signal - RECEIVE - initiate the ogre parlance - BE HE ALIVE, OR BE HE DEAD, I'LL GRIND HIS BONES TO MAKE MY BREAD - illumine the Local Legends of Transylvania - WITNESS - The Zmei.

TUNING… The folklore frequency… Slavic… Romanian…

Bedtime stories tell of the Zmei. They are the lumbering brutes of the fairy-tales in the Land Beyond the Forest. They come from deep underground, from the Other World. The stories say a Zmeu can change form, fly, and holds titanic strength in each arm. They embody greed. They crawl from their dank abysses to take valuable treasures and kidnap beautiful maidens. Once, go the stories, they stole the sun and moon from the sky, condemning humanity to darkness.


But the Zmei are not just stories in Bacaş County. They are lumbering realities. The chthonic beasts are long of arm and pale of skin. A Zmeu's teeth are sharp, its molars sturdy -- for the rending of flesh and the grinding of bones, respectively. They wander the Carpathian Fangs. Whatever they were, between story and reality, has been corrupted by a parasite. They bathed in the Filth-infested hot springs. The infection spreads. Where once they were the dreams of frightened children, now they are the walking dreams of the Dreamers who sleep just beyond space.

Zmeu #1 Details 775,495 The Carpathian Fangs

The Carpathian Fangs 775,495

Up a ramp in the back of the Zânâ Springs.

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Zmeu #2 Details 860,560 The Carpathian Fangs

The Carpathian Fangs 860,560

Run through the Zânâ Springs and through the cavern connecting it until reaching the ruins deep within.

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Zmeu #3 Details 745,555 The Carpathian Fangs

The Carpathian Fangs 745,555

Drops from any of the Black Springs Zmeu in the Zânâ Springs.

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