Bearing Gifts

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The Besieged Farmlands Handwritten note (610,590)
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Bearing Gifts must be completed as one of the pre-requisites to unlock The Cost of Magic.

You find a note at the windmill that indicates something dangerous is happening at a place called Needle's Eye. Investigate.

Tier 1

The note looks like it was left here recently.

Objective: Inspect the note

Examine the handwritten note on the ground.

Objective: Go to Needle's Eye

Go to the nearby glade (550,540) with a pond southwest of Hollander's Mill.

Objective: Find the source of the disturbance in the glade

An Ornate Romany dagger is piercing the heart of a faun (540,550) and pins the faun's corpse to a tree stump. Pull the dagger from the sacrificial lamb.

Objective: Defeat the Stone Violent

Removing the dagger awakens the Stone Violent, a violent Forest Golem that attacks whomsoever took the ornate Romany dagger.

Tier 2

After the threat was dealt with you find a small, ornate Romany dagger, most likely the stolen object. Bring it to Zaha.

Objective: Bring the dagger to Zaha

Go to Zaha (475,880) at The Perch, where she looks out to the valley below. She will take the ornate Romany dagger when approached.

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