No-Hope Chest

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The Besieged Farmlands Ancient Chest (1075,390)
3 774 1 050

Mission Description

The old chest on the ground looks oddly out of place in the church. Ascertain whether it contains something important.

This mission is obtainable while on Tier 5 of Deathless, but the barrier surrounding Our Lady Monastery can be removed without the mission Deathless by following the same steps of destroying all 4 Desecrated statues surrounding the monastery.

Tier 1

Task Description

The chest pulsates with weird energy.

Objective: Examine the chest

Inspect the ominous ancient chest.

FIFO On-Screen Message

You find nothing of interest.

Tier 2

Task Description

The chest was empty, but a taint still lingered inside. Whatever used to be stored in it must have been infused with Filth.

Objective: Search for clues of what was in the chest

Begin the search for anything that might shed some light on what would have been inside the chest. Exit the Church

A Camera (1030,340) can be found just past the gateway leading to the church. Pick it up.

There was a photo of a Filthy Artifact on the camera!

Tier 3

Task Description

The abandoned camera had a picture on it of the chest with a glowing orb inside. The orb must have been the object spreading the Filth.

Objective: Search for a trace of the camera's owner

Continue out the monastery courtyard. A red baseball cap (960,340) marks the way. An abandoned wallet has been left on the road leading out of the monastery (925,360). Take the wallet.

The wallet once belonged to one Laurent Giroux.

Tier 4

Task Description

The ID in the wallet belonged to someone called Laurent Giroux. What happened to the man is unclear, but if he was the one who took the picture, chances are he's no longer alive. There are a few tourists holed up at the windmill. Maybe they know more.

Objective: Bring the wallet and the camera to the tourists at the windmill

Go to the Hollander's Mill. The Hollander's Mill. Approach the barricade surrounding the two tourists (610,600) Aurélie and Celine.

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