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The Blue Mountain Orochi tablet (735,410)
2 625 600

Description: At first glance, it seems the Orochi agent was chasing the news van when something went terribly wrong. Several sets of tracks lead separate ways... Why were they fleeing?

Tier 1

Description: The tracks lead to the east, southeast and southwest. First check the tablet next to the corpse for worthwhile information, then find the news crew to collect their intel.

Objective: Examine the Orochi tablet

Examine the Orochi tablet next to the fallen Orochi agent.

Objective: Get the cameraman's datacard

Objective: Get the soundman's datacard

Objective: Get the reporter's datacard

Collect the data that Orochi so badly wanted from the Cameraman, Soundman, and Reporter. Each member of the news crew fled in a separate direction. It does not matter which order their data cards are collected in.

Get the cameraman's datacard

The corpse of the cameraman is southeast (690,380) on the path leading into the abandoned factory and quarry gravel, torn limb from limb by the wendigo. Examine the torso.

Unfortunately, the data card isn't on the cannibalised corpse.

Kill nearby Deadfall Killer wendigo until one drops a loot bag containing a Destroyed data card.

Take the [Destroyed data card].

Get the soundman's datacard

The corpse of the soundman is to the southwest (785,340) in the Ak'ab infested woods around the Franklin Mansion. Sadly, he did not make it to the safety of the mansion. Take the [Destroyed data card] from the soundman's corpse by doing a thorough examination of the body.

Get the reporter's datacard

The reporter experienced an equally terrifying end: they became one with the Filth. The Corrupted News Reporter wanders the southern end of the Moon Bog (855,390) to the east of the news van and Orochi agent.

There is no way the Corrupted News Reporter would ever give up the data card willingly. Kill the Corrupted News Reporter and take the [Data card] they drop as loot. The Corrupted News Reporter dies explosively and violently due to their severe Filth infection.

Objective: Use the Datacard to upload the intel to your faction

Now that all three data cards are in your possession, use the [Data card] from within your Mission Inventory or Quick Access Inventory to perform this act of espionage and upload the data contained within to your Faction. This is a quick process.

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