The Blue Mountain Bus driver's corpse (525,50)
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Mission Description: The dead body of a bus driver bears witness to the desperate situation on the island. Survivors of the first wave of horror must have scrambled to get off the island, only to die on the road.

Tier 1

Task Description: The bus is still burning so the accident can't have happened long ago. Perhaps someone is still alive. Go to the crash site and look for signs of a survivor.

Objective: Look for signs of a survivor

Examine the Blood traces (515,70) at the base of the crashed car across from the bus.

Objective: Follow the blood trail of the survivor

Follow the trail of blood to find where the survivor went. Visual tracking has been initiated to help spot the blood.

Follow the trail across the bridge and all the way to the military basecamp. The corpses on the bridge are zombies that will awaken and attack as you cross the bridge unless you are too overleveled to aggro them.

The Bus Crash Survivor rests in the camp on the ground (445,225) near Karen Olson. Target the Bus Crash Survivor to consider her found.

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