Detritus Prime

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The Blue Mountain Notebook (945,415)
2 550 600

A notebook details how to reanimate and possibly control the broken junk golem. Occult symbols are scribbled all over the pages, but its owner is nowhere to be seen.

Tier 1

A mechanical golem could surely be helpful in the constant battle on Solomon Island. Check out the notes and see if there's anything you can do to fix it.

Objective: Examine the notebook

Inspect the Research Notebook on the hood of the van.

Objective: Pick up the unfinished remote

There is an unfinished golem remote next to the research notebook. Pick it up.

As soon as you pick up the unfinished remote, a Corrupted Secret Worlder - the owner of the golemetry research - ambushes and attacks! Defeat them.

Objective: Find a ceramic resonator

Objective: Find a transmitter module

The remote is unfinished and requires a ceramic resonator and a transmitter module in order to function.

Ceramic Resonator

Down the road is a fallen telephone pole with an accessible Electrical Box (915,390). Take the Ceramic Resonator from the Electrical box.

Transmitter Module

A radio lies abandoned (870,385) at the shores of the Moon Bog directly across from the Franklin Mansion. Use the radio.

A Jilted Bride stuns you for 5 seconds with Chilled to Perfection and steals the radio! She spins around and lands nearby (872,394). Defeat her to cause her to drop the radio. Quickly use the radio to claim its transmitter module within 20 seconds or it will despawn and return to its original position.

Objective: Fix the golem remote

Now that you have all necessary items, use the Unfinished Remote from within your Mission Inventory to put the pieces together and fix the remote.

Tier 2

Objective: Use the remote to command the golem

Return to Detritus Prime and use the Golem remote controller from within your Mission Inventory to command Detritus Prime to go forth! The golem will activate and head towards the Moon Bog.

Objective: Protect the golem and study its behaviour

Protect Detritus Prime as it fights off the Filthy foes it encounters on its meandering patrols through the Moon Bog.

Eventually the golem will go berserk and will make a beeline toward the truck.

Objective: The golem is out of control! Destroy it!

Detritus Prime has gone mad and no longer responds to the remote control. Destroy the golem to stop its rampage.

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