Enemy of My Enemy

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The Blue Mountain Sarge (450,225)
4 922 600

Mission Description: Karen Olsen and Sarge don't agree on using outsiders in their operations on Solomon Island, magical abilities or not. Regardless, they need someone who can communicate with the sasquatch - a situation the government is spectacularly unequipped to handle.

Tier 1

Task Description: Those who are connected to Gaia stand a better chance of contacting the sasquatch, who are also among the Earth's favourites. Study the tactical map to find out where they are located.

Objective: Study the tactical map

Inspect the tactical map (440,225) on a crate next to Karen Olsen.

Objective: Locate the Sasquatch Glade

Follow the map to the entrance to the Sasquatch Glade (700,105) atop Hunter's Hike. The Sasquatch guard nods its head in acknowledgement if approached.

Tier 2

Task Description: The sasquatch seem wary, but not hostile. Try making contact with their leader and establish some sort of communication with them.

Objective: Make contact with the Sasquatch Chief

Go to the Sasquatch Tree in the middle of the Sasquatch Glade. There, the Sasquatch Chief (740,105) awaits.

When within 2 metres of the Chief, the Sasquatch Chief will point South in a specific direction: South.

Objective: Search the area that the Sasquatch Chief indicated

Follow the trail South out of the Sasquatch Glade at the Sasquatch Chief's direction until reaching a cluster of Ak'ab cocoons (770,15) clinging to flora and hanging from rocks. Use any one of the Ak'ab cocoons to confirm that it indeed belongs to the ak'ab.

Tier 3

Task Description: Large cocoons hang from the entrance of a dark, foreboding cave - a sure sign of trouble ahead. Get ready for a fight and enter the cave.

Objective: Enter the cave

Approach the cave (760,15) and enter The Ak'ab Abyss.

Objective: Explore the Ak'ab Abyss

The Ak'ab Abyss is dim, dark, and infested with ak'ab of the Nubilous Brood. Proceed into the cave system and enter the first big cavern guarded by a large Nubilous Brook ak'ab (175,190).

At the far end of the first cavern is a Nubilous Brood Feeder (200,185) writhing in front of a captive Sasquatch. Target the Nubilous Brood Feeder.

Objective: Free sasquatch victims

Objective: Kill Nubilous Brood Feeders

Free 7 Sasquatch being held prisoner and kill the 7 Nubilous Brood Feeders keeping the Sasquatch captive.

Free sasquatch victims

Free 7 Sasquatch Prisoners. These 7 Sasquatch are stuck in Ak'ab goo throughout the Ak'ab Abyss. "Help" a Sasquatch Prisoner via interaction ([F] by default) to free them from the goo.

Kill Nubilous Brood Feeders

Kill 7 Nubilous Brood Feeders. Every Nubilous Brood Feeder is applying Ak'ab goo to their own Sasquatch Prisoner and thus are found alongside the Sasquatch throughout the Ak'ab Abyss.

Tier 4

Task Description: The captured sasquatch are returning to safety, but the ak'ab threat is far from over. The cave is a festering burrow. Everywhere, cocoons are pulsing with dark life. The large one by the entrance could hatch any minute and must be dealt with.

Objective: Destroy the giant ak'ab cocoon near the cave entrance

Return to the first cavern in the Ak'ab Abyss. In the middle is the Giant ak'ab cocoon (195,190). The Giant ak'ab cocoon is destructible and has 500 HP. Destroy it to release the being incubating within.

Objective: Kill the Nubilous Brood Premature Queen

Kill the Nubilous Brood Premature Queen who has emerged from the destroyed cocoon. She is Level 23 and has 4791 HP. As is typical of Ak'ab, she loves to Dash into her foes.

Tier 5

Task Description: Now that the new ak'ab queen is dead, the imminent threat to the sasquatch is over, or at least delayed. Inform the tribe's chief of what happened.

Objective: Return to the Sasquatch Chief

Exit the Ak'ab Abyss and return to the Sasquatch Chief (740,105) in the Sasquatch Glade. Your continued existence and the return of several missing sasquatch both serve to inform him that the ak'ab have been dealt with. The Sasquatch Chief nods in acknowledgement. He knows.

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