Filth Surveyal Guide

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The Blue Mountain CDC Laptop (795,900)
2 850 600

Tier 1

Objective: Access the CDC laptop

Use the CDC laptop on the hood of the van.

Objective: Find CDC Survey Device Alpha

Objective: Find CDC Survey Device Beta

Objective: Find CDC Survey Device Charlie

Collect the three CDC Survey Devices from the remains of the CDC team that had been sent to survey the coast. The CDC Survey Devices can be found in any order.

The CDC Survey Device Alpha (880,865) is in the hands of two dead CDC agents found dead East of the CDC laptop on the nearby cliff overlooking the Moon Cove.

An Infected CDC Surveyor (830,910) still surveys the coast even in death and drops the CDC Survey Device Beta when killed. The memory of duty lingers. Kill them and pick up Device Beta.

The CDC Survey Device Charlie is in the grip of a dismembered limb all the way out on the northern coast (795,955). It is surrounded by Cold Seep Deep Ones.

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