The Blue Mountain Crude sign (420,305)
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There appears to be an indication of hope on the ground. There could be survivors here, trying to lend a helping hand to others who have not yet succumbed to the horrors.

Tier 1

An arrow made of rocks and broken plates points up into the woods. Perhaps it leads to a shelter where people can ride out the proverbial storm.

Objective: Follow the directions of the arrows

Go in the direction the arrow is pointing: South East.

This leads to another arrow (445,290). This one points directly North. Follow it.

You will reach another arrow (475,290) pointing South East.

Continue to follow the arrows' directions. The next arrow (495,255) is around the bend and points North. Follow it onward.

The arrow leads to a tragic scene: a dead sasquatch alongside a dead policeman caught in a bear trap (495,225).

Objective: Kill Blackthroat Trappers

The arrows were a trap. It's frightening to think wendigo possess that kind of intelligence. Kill the wendigo before others get lured. The hillside is full of bear traps, so step carefully.

The culprits were wendigo! Kill 4 Blackthroat Trappers around the hillside to avenge the fallen.

Objective: Find survivors to warn about the wendigo

Go to the nearby camp (465,230) to warn the survivors and military personnel about the wendigo.

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