Kingdom of the Soggy Skull

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The Blue Mountain Skull Island (105,925)
2 775 600

Mission Description

Skull Island is not a location that many talk about or visit, which is no longer the case, thanks to a band of Deep One and the Rekkr draug. Disrupt their rituals before it washes onto the mainland.

Kingdom of the Soggy Skull is an Area Mission and is received automatically when in close proximity to and in the associated mission area. Unless completed and on cooldown, this Mission is removed upon leaving the mission area for 10 seconds, and can be regained by returning to the mission area.

Display Bug: The mission report for Kingdom of the Soggy Skull displays rewards of 0 XP and 0 Anima Shards. These values are false. The true reward values are 2775 XP and 600 Anima Shards before Patron Bonuses.

Blue Mountain's Talk of the Town
Kingdom of the Soggy Skull is required in order to complete all Side missions within the Blue Mountain. It is the only Area mission to be required for any achievement at this time.

Tier 1

Task Description

Dispatch the unwelcome population that has settled on the remote Skull Island.

Objective: Defeat Abyssal Atlantic deep ones

Defeat 6 Abyssal Atlantic deep ones. Abyssal Atlantic Frenzies and Abyssal Atlantic Screamers are scattered around Skull Island. Kill six of them. The Abyssal Atlantic Mutants, despite being an Abyssal Atlantic, does not give credit toward Kingdom of the Soggy Skull.

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