Kraken Cove Culling

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The Blue Mountain Kraken Cove (365,140)
1 970 600

Mission Description

The Dreyrugr brood of draug have settled underneath a highly utilized bridge, before the fog rolled in. This unwelcome surprise should be dealt with for any survivors who follow behind you.

Kraken Cove Culling is an Area Mission and is received automatically when in close proximity to and in the associated mission area, provided this Mission has not already been completed. This Mission is removed upon leaving the mission area for 10 seconds, and can be regained by returning to the mission area. Kraken Cove Culling is UNREPEATABLE.

Display Bug Warning: The mission report for Kraken Cove Culling displays rewards of 0 XP and 0 Anima Shards. These values are false. The true reward values are 1969 XP and 600 Anima Shards before Patron Bonuses.

Tier 1

Task Description

Cleanse the Kraken Cove of the Dreyugr draug who have settled here.

Objective: Defeat Dreyrugr draug

Defeat any 10 Defeat Dreyrugr draug crowding Kraken Cove. Any draug designated as Drerugr will do, including Dreyrugr Guards, Dreyrugr Seaweavers, Dreyrugr Slavers, the Dreyrugr Lord and its Dreyrugr Huskarls, Dreyrugr Chargers, and Dreyrugr Broodwitches. Brood Pods and Incubators within Kraken Cove are also considered part of the Dreyrugr brood and will give credit toward Kraken Cove Culling as well.

Seaxteeth is only draug in Kraken Cove that does not count as Dreyrugr when defeated.

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