Moon Cove Massacre

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The Blue Mountain Moon Cove (945,855)
2 040 600

Mission Description

The Vetr brood of Draug seem to be defending a large pod that seems to be late in its gestation cycle. Before this horror can be born, disrupt the local population to disrupt this ritual.

Moon Cove Massacre is an Area Mission and is received automatically when in close proximity to and in the associated mission area, provided this Mission is not on cooldown. This Mission is removed upon leaving the mission area for 10 seconds, and can be regained by returning to the mission area.

Display Bug Warning: The mission report for Moon Cove Massacre displays rewards of 0 XP and 0 Anima Shards. These values are false. The true reward values are 2040 XP and 600 Anima Shards before Patron Bonuses.

Tier 1

Task Description

Disrupt the draug Vetr population before they can bring their vile spawn to life.

Objective: Defeat Vetr draug

Defeat 8 of the Vetr draug found amidst Moon Cove. Their Incubators, Brood Pods, and roving Thawing Undead are also considered under their thrall enough to count as Vetr Draug for the purposes of this mission.

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