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The Blue Mountain CDC Laptop (825,400)
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A laptop belonging to Frank McGrath rests on top of a crate of CDC equipment. There are no scientists around, but everything needed to complete the research probably is.

Tier 1

The CDC crew who worked in the bog must all have been killed or scared off. Their equipment remains intact. It looks simple enough to operate. Check the laptop for instructions and help the CDC complete the job.

Objective: Examine the laptop

Inspect Frank McGrath's laptop at the base of the tree.

Objective: Pick up CDC containers

Take 2 CDC containers from any of the piles on either side of the CDC laptop.

Objective: Gather samples from the infected

Objective: Gather samples from the shades

The CDC was gathering samples and data from the Filthy inhabitants of the bog. Gather 4 samples from the Infected and 6 samples from the Shades around the Moon Bog.

Infected Samples

Kill any 4 Filth-Infected within the Moon Bog to collected Infected samples. The Infected Contaminators and Violent Infected will provide sufficient samples.

Shade Samples

Kill any 6 Shades within the Moon Bog to collect Shade samples. The Insidious Shade, Seeping Shade, Shade Debaser, and Shade Shadowcutter will all provide acceptable samples.

Tier 2

Objective: Bring the samples to the CDC tent

The Category A agent samples have been secured and should be brought to the CDC camp.

Go to the CDC camp and place the samples in either of the two CDC tents by Marianne Chen at (895,705) and (880,705).

Objective: Use a CDC shower to disinfect

Follow proper protocol and use the emergency safety shower. Walk into any of the showers in the CDC camp and cleanse yourself of Filthy contaminants.

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