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The Blue Mountain Cat collar (875,440)
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A patch of fur and a cat collar marked "Merrimac - Franklin Mansion" are all that is left on the ground near a wendigo burrow. A closer look reveals paw prints leading towards Moon Bog.

Tier 1

Merrimac may have escaped the wendigo, but he ran into the bog. This is no place for a pet. If the poor animal is still alive, he's probably scared half to death. Search the bog to find him.

Objective: Search the bog for clues about Merrimac's fate

Head farther into the bog. Merrimac can be found hiding in a crate (885,480) on an island surrounded by Filth.

Objective: Pick up Merrimac

There is no way Merrimac could possibly get home on his own. Pick him up. Be his saviour.

Objective: Bring Merrimac to his owner before he escapes

Merrimac is safe and sound, but terrified. He's trying to claw his way out of your hands, which will get very painful, very fast. Carrying him for long will be difficult. Quickly bring him to the Franklin Mansion before he escapes.

Merrimac needs to go home, but the poor thing is terrified. The whole time Merrimac is held, he deals damage over time in the form of Merrimac's Revenge for 3:00 minutes or until he has been brought back to his owner, Eleanor Franklin.

You have 3:00 minutes to bring Merrimac back to Eleanor Franklin before this panicked cat claws his way out of your grasp. If Merrimac is not returned in those three minutes, you will need to go back to his box and pick him back up.

Hand Eleanor (845,290) her lost cat.

Approach Eleanor Franklin to place Merrimac by her side. You have done a good deed by reuniting them.

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