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The Blue Mountain Sasquatch Chief (745,105)
5 249 600

Tier 1

Objective: Go to the abandoned factory near the quarry

Go to the junkyard of the Abandoned Factory (680,360).

Tier 2

Objective: Search the junkyard for scrap metal

Look around the junkyard for scraps. A large outcrop of metal can be found in the middle (635,335).

Objective: Use the drum to signal a sasquatch scavenger

Use the Sasquatch Drum from your Mission Inventory to signal the sasquatch scavenger that you have found scrap metal.

Objective: Protect the scavengers until they are done salvaging

Protect the sasquatch scavengers as they are assaulted by 3 waves of a mix of Skeleton Crew and Decayed Miners, followed by a final wave composed of a single Concrete Crusher scrap golem.

Tier 3

Objective: Go further into the factory area

Follow the path into the factory mill (575,320).

Objective: Use the drum to signal the scavenger

Play the drum. A scavenger will come, but will be swiftly spooked and run off.

The scavenger was scared off by something in the area.

Objective: Gather some scrap metal

Since the scavenger was scared away, it is up to you to collect scraps. Pick up 10 pieces of scrap metal from within the abandoned factory.

In addition to being found around the factory, Scrap Metal drops from Metallurgical Gears and Machine Operators when killed, although it will despawn after a few seconds.

A large amount of scrap metal can be found inside one of the factory buildings (575,355), but be aware, as the Pestilent Revenant, a Champion, is also there and will attack when its swarm of rats is approached.

Objective: Exit the area and find the scared scavenger

Get out of the abandoned factory. Hiding amidst the trees by the outskirts of the factory is the scared scavenger (515,335).

Objective: Give the scrap metal to the scavenger

Interact with the scavenger to hand the scrap metal over.

Tier 4

Objective: Find more scrap metal nearby

Go farther north into the depths of the abandoned factory yard (505,395) to a pile of overturned metal.

Objective: Use the drum to signal the scavenger

Play the drums to summon more scavengers.

Objective: Protect the scavengers until they are done salvaging

Protect the scavengers once more as they salvage the metal. Three waves of a combination of Skeleton Crew and Decayed Miners attack the sasquatch. Once all of the undead workers have been defeated, a Concrete Crusher comes out.

Tier 5

Objective: Find a way into the central mill

Walk the belt from the rubble (525,385) to the central mill where it drops off.

Objective: Kill the Infected Sasquatch

Kill the poor Infected Sasquatch to end its suffering (580,380).

The Scout
In the mill behind the Infected Sasquatch is a Military Map (600,380) that starts The Scout. It is not necessary to be on Scavengers or to pick up The Scout, but it does lead right to the map.

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