The Black Egg Howls

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The Blue Mountain Black Egg (130,955)
2 775 600

Tucked away on the often forgotte, mostly ignored, Skull Island, a black, festering pustule has appeared. As the local nightmares are drawn towards it, it has begun to show signs of life, pulsating and expanding in size. Before gestation can complete, this abomination needs to be dealt with.

Tier 1

This strange pod needs to be destroyed before it can hatch.

Objective: Destroy the Black egg

Destroy the Black Egg, which is Level 28 and has 6000 Health Points.

The Black Egg was not an empty egg!

Objective: Defeat the Abyssal Atlantic Abomination

The Eldritch entity within the Black Egg survives its premature birth and attacks! Kill the Abyssal Atlantic Abomination.

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