The Filth

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The Blue Mountain Marianne Chen (890,695)
5 100 600

Mission Description: Marianne Chen is the only remaining crew member of the CDC camp. Her colleagues were infected by the Filth and they have since disappeared. She fears they are wandering the bog, spreading Filth wherever they go.

Tier 1

Task Description: The first step in finding out what happened to the Solomon Island CDC crew is to learn who they were. Inspect Marianne Chen's laptop to find more details.

Objective: Examine Marianne Chen's laptop

Hack into Marianne Chen's laptop on the table across from Marianne Chen in the CDC camp.

Select 2) -- Field Team -- from the CDC Emergency Field Terminal. If during your browsing session you selected 1) -- Outbreak Protocol -- or 3) -- Research -- first and went back to root, the Field Team selection will have migrated to a different position on the list. In that case you will need to select 3) -- Field Team -- instead.

G.H.O.S.T. has downloaded a copy of the webpage. It can be viewed through the Mission Journal at any time after reaching this point in the mission "The Filth".

Tier 2

Task Description: The CDC team was dispatched to Solomon Island to examine the strange subtance in the bog, just before the fog rolled in. When the Filth-infected bodies of the team members left the camp, it's likely they returned to the source of their misfortune.

Objective: Search the bog for CDC team members

Head into the Moon Bog. One of the CDC team members wanders the middle of the bog: Mavis Anderson (875,595). Target Mavis with your reticle.

Be careful when navigating the Moon Bog, as the waters of the Moon Bog will afflict you with Filth Exposure. Filth Exposure is a stacking debuff that deals damage over time while also increasing the damage taken, reducing movement speed, reducing healing effects, reducing absorption or barrier effects, and reducing leech effects. You do not want Filth Exposure!

Tier 3

Task Description: A former team member is shambling around in the bog, a gruesome example of what the Filth can do. It would be inhumane to let them continue their existence like this.

Objective: Kill Mavis Anderson

Objective: Kill Killian Forsythe

Kill CDC Team Members Mavis Anderson and Killian Forsythe. Their Filthy existence is torment and madness.

While Mavis Anderson and Killian Forsythe can be killed in any order to complete this task, it is more efficient to kill Mavis Anderson first and Killian Forsythe second.

Mavis Anderson

Mavis Anderson (875,595) stands in the middle of the Moon Bog. Kill them. It would be a mercy at this point.

Killian Forsythe

Killian Forsythe patrols from (980,550) to (990,560) in the back of a cove on the eastern edge of the middle of the Moon Bog. Killian has some claws! Kill them.

Tier 4

Task Description: Another team member mentioned in the report is Ernesto Ramirez. He's likely somewhere in the bog as well. Locate him and find out what happened.

Objective: Locate Ernesto Ramirez

Go farther into the cove past Killian Forsythe and enter a small hidden pathway. At the end of it all is the corpse of Ernesto Ramirez (1005,575).

Examine Ernesto Ramirez's corpse.

Objective: Read Ernesto's tablet for clues

Ernesto died with his tablet nearby. Inspect Ernesto Ramirez's tablet.

Tier 5

Task Description: According to Ernesto Ramirez's logs, the Filth is pouring from several pipes that lead into the bog. He was planning to block the pipes to make sure the Filth wouldn't spread to the ocean. Look for barrel lids to stop the flow.

Objective: Collect barrel lids

There are multiple abandoned metal drums by the south dock (925,435) in the Moon Bog. Collect 3 barrel lids from the metal drums.

Tier 6

Task Description: Make your way to the different pipes in the bog and seal them, using the barrel lids.

Objective: Seal the southern pipe

Cross the Moon Bog to the Filth-spewing southern pipe (805,465) and use the pipe, either by standing in the Moon Bog and experiencing Filth Exposure to get up to the tip of the pipe, climbing on top of the pipe and walking to the tip to seal it from there, or by creeping around the side of the pipe to be sealed from the shore.

Sealing the pipe causes an Infected Contaminator to attack.

Objective: Seal the eastern pipe

Go now to the eastern pipe farther up the bog (845,565) and seal it. It is much easier to access than the southern pipe.

Sealing the eastern pipe will cause a Shade Shadowcutter to appear in the Filth and Pull you close in a surprise attack!

Objective: Seal the northern pipe

Conintue up the Moon Bog to the northern pipe (830,630) and seal it.

Tier 7

Task Description: Just as the last pipe was sealed, the atrocious form of what must be the last missing CDC team member appeared. Unless he is stopped, your efforts would be in vain.

Objective: Kill Frank McGrath

Frank McGrath has become that which he sought to prevent. Kill Frank McGrath to prevent the continued spread of the Filth into the water basin. If Frank McGrath has despawned for any reason, use the Northern pipe to spawn and re-engage Frank McGrath.

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