The Ghosts and the Darkness

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The Blue Mountain Eleanor Franklin (845,290)
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine the old newspaper on Mrs Franklin's desk

Take a look at the old newspaper on the nearby desk.

Objective: Go to the Blue Ridge Mine

Go to the abandoned Blue Ridge Mine (500,545) northeast of the Ash Forest.

Objective: Enter the mine

Use the Blue Ridge Mine Entrance (530,595) to delve into the depths of the Blue Ridge Mine.

If you do not already have one and they are available to be interacted with, it might be useful to pick up a Headlamp hanging by the Blue Ridge Mine Entrance.

Tier 2

Objective: Find Chuck Thompson's remains

Once inside the mine, it is time to find Chuck Thompson.

Cave Out
Reach the final objective of "The Ghosts and the Darkness" without being seen and without tripping any avoidable traps.

Traps include the Hate Machines, Jimmy's Curse runes, Filth pods, and dynamite throughout the Blue Ridge Mine.

You can re-enter the instance to reset the Cave Out buff until at the next Tier.

The Blue Ridge Mine is rife with traps and enemies:

On the ground are red runes, which are best avoided. You will be Stunned for 5 seconds if you step in one, and it will cause a wraith to appear and attack you with Jimmy's Curse. Jimmy's Curse takes 65% HP and causes you to be Bleeding for a short while.

Patrolling the tunnels of the mine are Hate Machines. Hate Machines can easily one-shot its foe if engaged and it is highly advised not to attempt to kill them. They will hurt. A lot.

In additional, small Filth pods line the ground and can be difficult to spot in the darkness. Be wary of the Zero Point Pathogen and the damage of Filth Exposure.

BUG WARNING: The repeatable version of The Ghosts in the Darkness is currently bugged. Environmental hazards involving Filth and dynamite may not trigger when approached or walked on. This is unintended behavior.

With all of the mine's dangers in mind, it is time to begin the search.

From the entrance where you first entered the Blue Right Mine, go to the first room on the right. The room contains not only the elevator and various pods of Filth and fallen Hate Machines to avoid, but it also houses Chuck Thompson's remains (160,240). Be mindful of the pacing Hate Machine while rifling through Chuck Thompson's corpse.

Blue Ridge Mine #11 is right by Chuck Thompson's remains (160,245).

Objective: Locate a picture of Chuck Thompson's family

"Been held under so long, I ain't even got the memory of the man I was. No loving memory."

- Chuck Thompson

Chuck Thompson's spectre can hardly recall a thing. A picture of his family might spark something.

Head back out the way you came (East) and take a right (South) to the room directly across from the Blue Ridge Mine Entrance. From there, go left (East). On a rune circle in the far back of the room is a picture.

Objective: Place the picture on Chuck Thompson's remains

Return to Chuck by going back (West), right (North), and then left (West). With the picture by his side, the spirit of Chuck Thompson will rise to say a few choice words.

"Would you look at that. One fine day, that was. How you like it, Rigsby, you undead sonofabitch? Ain't no more Christmas where you're headed."

- Chuck Thompson

Tier 3

Objective: Find Billy Woodrow's remains

Go (South) out of the elevator room and then hop off the ledge to the room below. Alternatively, you can go back to the Blue Ridge Mine Entrance and go straight into this room as well.

Billy Woodrow can be found tragically tied to a mine cart.

Blue Ridge Mine #9 overlooks a ledge (180,195) within the room south of the one containing Chuck Thompson and the elevator.

Objective: Locate Billy Woodrow's whisky flask

"I could sure use the thought of a drink. It's dry under these rocks. Dry, and cold as the last frost."

- Billy Woodrow

Billy Woodrow wishes for a drink even in death.

Head out (North) and then right (East) to a room littered with bundles of dynamite. Try to avoid stepping on any. The whisky flask is against the wall behind runes.

Blue Ridge Mine #8 rests on a pack of dynamite (240,225) within the very same room as that containing Billy Woodrow's whisky flask.

Before leaving, pick up the dynamite on the nearby crate. It's going to be very useful. The Dynamite will go into your Mission Inventory.

Objective: Place the flask by Billy Woodrow's remains

Return to Billy Woodrow by leaving back (West) and going left (South) to give him his flask. He will be very thankful.

"That's the stuff. Damn shame my courage died down here before I did."

- Billy Woodrow

Tier 4

Objective: Find and use Dynamite to locate Sam Wilson's remains

It's time for some incendiary enjoyment! If you do not already have a stack of Dynamite, carefully return to the dynamite-covered room that contained Billy Woodrow's whisky flask. If you have the Dynamite, then you have everything you need.

Head to the previously ignored southeastern tunnel. It is a dead end, but dead ends hardly stop somebody with a pocket full of explosives.

The rubble ahead needs to be cleared somehow.

Use the Dynamite on the rubble and quickly back away without stepping on the rune. The Dynamite takes 5 seconds to detonate!

With the rubble blown away, there is nothing more blocking the path. Proceed forward. Sam Wilson's remains have been stuck to the wall not far ahead (235,175).

Blue Ridge Mine #10 is on an overturned mine cart next to a Headlamp (240,165) in the same room as Sam Wilson's remains past the rubble.

The explosion knocked out the lights. If you do not already have one, pick up the Headlamp by an overturned mine cart in the back of the room containing Sam Wilson's remains. The Headlamp is not necessary to proceed, but is incredibly useful for seeing traps!

Objective: Find Jimmy Rigsby's remains

"Ed took the fall for Jimmy's temper. We all fell. Seems to me you oughta square things up with Mr Rigsby."

- Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson wants you to find Mr Rigsby and make him pay for everything he did. As you search for Rigsby's remains, Wilson's ghost will periodically appear and talk to you.

Go back out (North-West) and then return to the Blue Ridge Mine Entrance (North). Take a left (West) to the elevator room and then a left (South) to the large room with the ledge.

"Digging 'till our hands are red, digging when it's Jimmy should be dead-"

- Sam Wilson

Keep going straight (South). The next room only has one other way to go, so go left (East).

"Ed took the fall for Jimmy's temper. We all fell. Finish this for us."

- Sam Wilson

It is there in the water's edge that Jimmy Rigsby's remains rot. Be prepared when inspecting them, as it will dredge up the wraith of Jimmy Rigsby.

Blue Ridge Mine #12 waits in the back of the flooded room containing Jimmy Rigsby's remains (215,165).

Objective: Destroy the wraith of Jimmy Rigsby

Unlike the others in the mine, Jimmy Rigsby is a wrathful spirit and will immediately attack. He is initially protected by a Cowl of Hate, which cannot be removed from the living and makes him largely invulnerable.

Jimmy Rigsby has two primary attacks: a PBAoE called Scythe Through and a cone attack called Psychopathy.

Survive until the miners' spirits arrive. Each one will begin to remove stacks of Cowl of Hate from Jimmy Rigsby. Once Cowl of Hate is gone, the wraith of Jimmy Rigsby can be destroyed.

Objective: Return to the entrance of the mine

There is nothing left to do but leave the Blue Ridge Mine. Retrace your steps by going out (West) and then right (North). From there, either continue on straight (North) and then go right (East) or hop off the ledge and go straight (North) to the Blue Ridge Mine Entrance. Getting in vicinity of the entrance is all that is needed.

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