They Are Called Darkness

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The Blue Mountain Slain Wabanaki (410,690)
2 700 600

Mission Description: The corpse of a Wabanaki tribesman bears clear signs of being mangled by the ak'ab. If one man was here, others might have come too, which means there could be survivors.

Tier 1

Task Description: If there are any survivors, their chances would be better with fewer ak'ab around. Destroy some of their cocoons and burrows, and kill several specimen as well.

Objective: Destroy an Ak'ab firstborn burrow

Objective: Kill Firstborn Ak'ab

Objective: Destroy ak'ab cocoons

Objective: Search for survivors

Kill 10 Firstborn Ak'ab, search for and talk to at least 1 Captive Wabanaki survivor in the area, and destroy 1 Ak'ab firstborn burrow and 7 Ak'ab cocoons.

Destroy an Ak'ab firstborn burrow

Destroy a single Ak'ab firstborn burrow, which is a hideous nest-like destructible with 1000 HP that can be found around trees in the area. There are three Ak'ab firstborn burrows: one at (455,610), another at (460,730), and another at (490,645).

While intact, Ak'ab firstborn burrows periodically spawn Firstborn Ak'ab Drones to refresh the regiment of guards around them.

Kill Firstborn Ak'ab

Kill 10 Firstborn Ak'ab of the Firstborn brood. Any Firstborn counts, including the Firstborn Ak'ab, Firstborn Ak'ab Soldier, Firstborn Ak'ab Sentinel, Firstborn Ak'ab Stalker, Firstborn Ak'ab Drone, and Premature Firstborn Ak'ab.

Destroy ak'ab cocoons

Destroy 7 Ak'ab cocoons. Each Ak'ab cocoon is destructible and has 200 HP. There is a chance of a Premature Firstborn Ak'ab bursting forth upon destruction of an ak'ab cocoon. There are many Ak'ab cocoons littering the area around the various ak'ab structures.

Watch out for the potential Premature Firstborn Ak'ab attack when destroying ak'ab cocoons!

Search for survivors

Talk ([F] by default) to one of the Captive Wabanaki amidst the Firstborn Ak'ab to free the Captive Wabanki from captivity and confirm that there are survivors. Each Captive Wabanaki is guarded by a single Firstborn Ak'ab Soldier.

Once freed, the Captive Wabanaki will follow you around for the next 30 seconds and provide additional support by attacking your foes with Spray and Pray. After 30 seconds, the Captive Wabanaki will run back to the Wabanaki Trailer Park.

There are six Captive Wabanaki in total.

Captive Wabanaki Coordinates

  • (415, 580)
  • (425, 725)
  • (475, 715)
  • (440, 695)
  • (450, 665)
  • (500, 730)

Tier 2

Task Description: With most of the ak'ab workers dead, look for a larger hive, where a queen might have nested. If you find the royal burrow, destroy it and kill its grotesque inhabitant.

Objective: Destroy the Ak'ab royal burrow

In the center of everything (475,690) is a destructible Ak'ab royal burrow with 3000 HP.

Destroy it.

Objective: Kill the Firstborn Ak'ab Queen

The Firstborn Ak'ab Queen emerges in a fury to fight the audacious bee who dared destroy her hive. She is Level 27 and has 6100 HP. She must die.

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