They Died So That Others May Live

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The Blue Mountain Ammo crate (770,555)
1 782 600

Mission Description: The ill-fated Fireteam Delta's weapons and ammunition are scattered about the upper quarry. Perhaps the survivors at the trailer park could make better use of them now.

Tier 1

Task Description: Gather up Fireteam Delta's equipment and bring it to the defenders at the trailer park.

Objective: Collect a crate of ammunition

Objective: Collect weapons

Gather an ammo crate and 3 weapons from the area.

Collect a crate of ammunition

Pick up an ammo crate. There are multiple ammo crates strewn nearby in addition to the mission giver Ammo crate. Any of the ammo crates in the area are acceptable.

Collect weapons

Collect 3 Fireteam Delta weapons in the immediate vicinity.

Objective: Deliver the supplies to the trailer park

Go to the Wabanaki Trailer Park and enter the Wabanaki Arts & Craft building. Approach Annika and Paul Gamelin (235,640) to deliver the supplies. Those two will surely know how to distribute the supplies properly to the survivors.

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