Up In Flames

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The Blue Mountain Charred Zombie (1000,735)
2 550 600

Tier 1

Objective: Search nearby vehicles for an extinguisher

Objective: Search the CDC camp for protective equipement

Take a fire extinguisher from the back of the nearby truck (960,725).

Go to the CDC camp and open a CDC crate (875,710) to acquire a Hazmat suit.

Objective: Equip the hazmat suit and enter the tunnel

Use the Hazmat suit item from your inventory or quick access inventory and then head back to the tunnel leading to Kingsmouth Town (995,730). Using the Hazmat suit will allow you to wear it and provide protection from environmental hazards and hazardous materials.

Objective: Extinguish the first flame

Objective: Extinguish the second flame

Objective: Extinguish the third flame

Head to the source of the smoke in the tunnels, where three flames ravage a truck. Use the Fire Extinguisher picked up earlier when at each flame in order to extinguish it.

The first flame is in front of the truck (1015,715). Use the extinguishger on it.

The second flame blazes furiously in the middle of the truck (1020,720). Extinguish it.

The third flame burns the back close to the second flame. Get rid of it.

Completing this mission will reward the Hazmat suit uniform! This uniform can be employed when personal protective equipment can come in handy!

Once Up In Flames is complete, the tunnel between Kingsmouth Town and the Blue Mountain can be used to go back and forth.

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