War of the Totems

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The Blue Mountain Sasquatch Chief (745,105)
5 250 600

Mission Description: The sasquatch are deeply connected to Gaia, and can use anima-channelling totems to expel the evil dominating the island. Their problems lie in the constant weakening of the threads that power these totems, and, without help, they may not be able to protect the land for much longer.

Tier 1

Task Description: Infuse yourself with the anima in the sasquatch camp to activate its resident magical powers. Start with the tree behind the chief and let it guide you from there.

Objective: Examine the spirit tree

Walk into the light of the spirit tree.

Objective: Follow the trail from the spirit tree

Blue flickering wisps of energy dot a path leading out from the spirit tree. Follow them to a totem surrounded by ak'ab within the infested woods north of the sasquatch tree (765,225).

Objective: Kill all Venous Blood Corruptors near the brown totem

Kill all of the Venous Blood Corruptors surrounding the totem.

Objective: Kill the Venous Blood Defiler near the brown totem

The Venous Blood Defiler will crawl out of the ground once the Corruptors have been killed. Kill it.

Killing the Venous Brood Defiler will reactivate the nearby Sasquatch Totem. You will be bestowed a Gaian Boon that acts as a Heal-Over-Time that heals every 0.50 seconds over 3 minutes.

Tier 2

Task Description: Killing the nearby ak'ab halted the constant anima depletion and reactivated the totem. Reactivate nearby totems through similar means.

Objective: Continue deeper into the ak'ab infested area

Go farther into the infested woods behind the Franklin Mansion (850,150). Another totem is being corrupted by ak'ab.

Objective: Kill all Venous Blood Corruptors near the yellow totem

Kill the Venous Blood Corruptors attempting to desecrate the totem.

Objective: Kill the Venous Blood Defiler near the yellow totem

Another Venous Blood Defiler strikes. Kill it as well.

Tier 3

Task Description: By the look of things, the ak'ab have set up totems themselves. Now that the sasquatch totems are protected, these other, putrid displays should be torn down.

Objective: Destroy Broodmarks

Destroy 4 Broodmarks within the infested area. These Broodmarks grant nearby ak'ab the evasion-boosting buff Tripedal Gait.

Each time a Broodmark is destroyed, a Wild Ak'ab Hunter will appear and attack.

Tier 4

Task Description: The ak'ab population that threatens the Sasquatch Glade has been culled. All that remains is to attack the seat of their power, the nest of their leader.

Objective: Destroy the Royal Ak'ab Burrow

At the end of the infested area within Joanna's Trail is an enormous, pulsating nest (935,35) with 3000 HP. This is the Royal Ak'ab Burrow, and it must be destroyed.

Objective: Kill the Venous Brood Prince

The ak'ab who made the burrow its home is very displeased.

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