Law of Salvage

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Kaidan Jake Hama (930,560)
9 833 1 500

Tier 1

Objective: Find the body Jake “salvaged” the device from

Head in the direction pointed out by Jake Hama. Go to the bridge leading into the Orochi Housing Projects to find the remains of an Orochi Researcher (895,310).

Objective: Read through the notes left by the researcher

Pick up the nearby field journal and take a look at them.

Objective: Examine the tablet near the corpse

Examine the field tablet left in the researcher's hand.

Objective: Defeat nearby spectral foes to gather research data

Defeat 5 Onryo throughout the Orochi Housing Projects to gather the appropriate data.

Objective: Defeat an amalgamated spectre

Defeat the horrid Abomination of Souls that will appear upon approaching a small yard and table (930,270).

Objecitve: Reexamine the tablet near Saito’s corpse

Return to the tablet and take a look at the data gathered previously.

Tier 2

Objective: Search for Orochi researcher Han in the train yard

The field journal casually mentions the location of two other researchers. Han lies by the tracks in the train yard (720,325).

Objective: Examine Han's tablet

Take a look at the abandoned tablet.

Objective: Defeat nearby cybernetic foes to gather research data

Defeat 5 Compromised Drones, Effigies, or Mechs throughout the train yard.

Objective: Defeat a Compromised Smiler Mech 2.0

Defeat the lone Compromised Smiler Mech MK 2.0 standing by the shore next to the train tunnel (625,380).

Objective: Reexamine Han’s tablet

Return to Han to reexamine his tablet with research data in hand.

Tier 3

Objective: Search for the researcher Junsaku near the docks

Make way to the docks. Junsaku is cowering beneath the bridge by cargo containers (380,300).

Objective: Pursue Junsaku

Upon being approached, something will frighten Junsaku and cause him to run off. There are 60 seconds allotted to chasing the scared scientist through the docks. Take haste and chase Junsaku to the other side of the containers (360,270), where a cutscene will trigger.

Objective: Defeat the Contaminated Primate Specimen

Follow the fungal fiend of an ape up the tower through a nearby ladder (320,250) and defeat the contaminated beast.

Objective: Examine Junsaku’s research report

Return to Junsaku's corpse (335,250) and examine the tablet strewn beside him.

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