Solomon Island Ellis Hill (900,700)
5 000 400

Tier 1

Objective: Locate the radio mast

Look around for a radio mast, which can be found near the entrance to the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport atop a building (805,775).

Objective: Examine the radio mast

Inspect the mast.

Tier 2

Objective: Examine the serial number

Examine the serial number plate on the bottom of the mast.

Objective: Source the components to repair the mast

On the area marked by the map (715,815), find the appropriate items to fix the radio mast to working condition. There are many items, but only a few are the right ones.

The serial number lists the mast as a Manticore product of the Orochi Group.

Go to and go to the Manticore page, From there, go to 'Products' and input the Serial Number 3881999 in the Product Number search field to get the product information for the Cyclone Series Mast.

Once having done so, search through the item for what's needed.

Look to the product description.

The product description notes, "Provisional repair materials: household adhesives, conductors and amplifiers"

Collect the following items within and around the hangar. Each item can be found in at least two different places.

Pick up some duct tape outside in a box (750,815), inside the building in a box (725,810), or on a shelf inside (720,800). Duct tape is a household adhesive.

Take a wire hanger from on top of a drum barrel (720,815), by the wheel of a plane (735,815), and on top of a box on a shelf (740,800). The wire is metal and thus conductive.

Find a vacuum tube from either a box (725,830) or on top of a Pumpomatic T-500 (735,795).

Return to the mast when you have collected the appropriate components and interact with the mast to fix it.

Tier 3

Objective: Listen for transmissions

Interact with the mast to listen for any transmissions that may occur.

Objective: Decipher the coded transmission

Figure out the contents of the transmission and decode it.

It's in code.

The message is in morse code, to be precise.

The message says:

– . . . – . – – – . – – . / . – . . – – – – . – . . – – . . – – – – . / – – . . . . – – – – . . – – – . . . . . . . . – – – . . . .

Decoded, this translates to:

D R O P / L O C A T I O N / 7 1 2 5 3 6

Head to (712,536). Two mercenaries await.

Tier 4

Objective: Open the crate

Open the crate. Doing so will cause its contents to burst out and attack.

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