Something Wicked

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Solomon Island Norma Creed (360,105)
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Tier 1

Objective: Find more information about the murders

Look for somewhere in Kingsmouth that might hold more information.

The murders would have been a widely documented case in the small town of Kingsmouth.

Where might old newspapers be kept?

Go to the Kingsmouth Town Hall on the second floor door to the left (345,355). From there, find the drawer containing the newspapers from Q3 2002. A trail of abandoned papers lead the way

Tier 2

Objective: Find information about the murder case

Search for more information on the murder case and its investigation.

The newspapers may not have any more information, but the investigators might.

The Kingsmouth police would have surely looked into the murder case.

Go to the Police Station and hack into Helen Bannerman's computer (190,320). Look at the Suspect Database (1) and go to Checkon, Larry (2).

Tier 3

Objective: Examine the cell for more clues

Go to the cell where Checkon took his own life and look through it.

There is no way to get in the cell.

There has to be a way inside in order to examine it.

Larry took his own life according to the Suspect Database.

Do the same. Die or type /reset, which will kill you on the spot, and return to the cell. The door will be open to allow examination. Larry awaits, staring at a strange message on the wall.

Tier 4

Objective: Find out what the cryptic message means

Head outside to begin your incorporeal investigation. A white raven awaits.

Once approached, the raven flies off. Follow it to a strange vale with seven White Ravens (255,170).

When approached, each raven says something.

The Ravens appeared after reading the clue in the cell.

Remember the cryptic message from the cell, "The White Ravens Whisper Golden Girls Sorrowful Secrets Are Never Told"

Use the ravens to recite the cryptic message. To do so, approach the appropriate ravens to speak out the message. The order the ravens appear in the vale is random, so the exact location of each bird differs.

  1. Six for gold
  2. Three for a girl
  3. One for sorrow
  4. Seven for a secret never to be told.

When you have found the appropriate White Raven, interact with it. This will cause it to fly away.

Tier 5

Objective: Find Jack

"Looking for Jack the Lad? You found him!"
-Jack O'Lantern

Go to the enormous pumpkin patch nearby (260,125) within 60 seconds. From there, the White Ravens coalesce into Jack. This also brings you back to life.

Completing this mission for the first time rewards an Investigation Vanity Reward Bag and a Pale Raven pet.

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