Dawn's Harvest

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New Dawn Farming Tools (533,547)
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Tier 1

Objective: Pick up farming tools

Pick up the farming implements from the back of the truck.

Doing so will give you the weapon Farming Implements. Farming Implements replaces your action bar.

Farming Implements

  • Water - Water a parched crop.
  • Pesticide - Spray pesticide on a plant to dissuade insects.
  • Shovel bonk - A shovel can be used to dig, to bonk, and to bury. It's really an all-purpose tool that vermin are intimately familiar with during all stages of their existance.

Objective: Harvest ripe corn

Harvest 30 ripe corn cobs from the long stalks throughout the corn field. Each stalk of maize taken gives 1 credit.

Sometimes when attempting to harvest corn, 1-2 Maize Munchers appear and attack. Use Shovel Bonk to destroy the pests and then return to the corn from which they spawned and attempt to harvest it once more. Only after any Maize Munchers are dealt with can a particular stalk be harvested.

Objective: Load harvest into the truck

Place the maize in the truck in the middle of the road (515,558).

Objective: Collect ascension points from the overseer

Go to the nearby Anointed Overseer (543,548) and speak to them to collect Ascension Points. Dawn's Harvest awards 3 Ascension Points.

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