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The Rosenbrawl Mr Rosenbaum's Proxy (150,320)
2 600

This mission is only available to players who have completed The Rosenbrawl.

Tier 1

Objective: Kill a Special Guest in the Rosenbrawl

Kill any of the Special Guests that appear in the Rosenbrawl looking for a fight!

A Special Guest is a boss enemy within the Rosenbrawl. Some may have their own unique abilities, but all have an incredible amount of health and can pulverize an unwitting player. A Special Guest will be enticed to enter the fight after 10 Player Kills have occurred within the Rosenbrawl.

Completing this mission will award 1 Rosenbaum's Reward. Killing a Special Guest regardless of this mission will also grant Rosenbaum's Reward.

True Skill
Getting the killing blow on one of the Special Guests will reward you with the achievement True Skill. It is not necessary to have this mission when fighting Special Guests.

Special Guests

The following are the confirmed Special Guests that can appear in the Rosenbrawl:

  • Pink Puddin'
  • Tipsy Brawler
  • Bumbling Baker
  • Lord Antler of the Barren Wastes
  • Ihsatay
  • Rehmov
  • Crazy Kyat Lady
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