Blood-Starved Beasts

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A Waking Dream Dream Architect (135,475)
5 000

Tier 1

Objective: Enter the bunker

"A clever mouse creeps carefully, to avoid stepping on a trap."
- Dream Architect

Approach the bunker in the frigid cold.

"It's not my place to intervene. But then..."
- Dream Architect

"We are here to guide you to the light."
- Nephilim

Go to the doorway of the bunker and press onward.

Objective: Make it past the mine clusters

Carefully creep through the mines to avoid certain death.

Objective: Make it through the laster trip mines

Avoid the red beams as best you can.

Note: On some graphic cards these laser beams may appear hard to see.

Jump over the final laser beam.

Objective: Deactivate the electrified floor

Use the nearby control console to deactivate the floor and its shocking situation.

Objective: Enter the final chamber

Pass the now safe waters to the next chamber of the bunker

Objective: Sneak past and disable the War Machine

"When the cat walks, the clever mouse will walk unseen. A mouse cannot defeat a cat, face to face."
- Dream Architect

Avoid the prowling War Machine and the red area surrounding it, which represents its field of vision.

Make it to the other side and use the Control Console to disable the disastrous weapon of destruction.

Objective: Investigate the War Machine's chasis

With the War Machine disabled and far safer, approach it and inspect its chasis by pressing 'F'.

Objective: Use the Keypad and proceed deeper into the dream

Go to the keypad by the door where the War Machine's control console was and use it.

Input the values on the War Machine's chasis: 3-6-9-1

Proceed on through the open door.

Completing Blood-Starved Beasts rewards a Starter Talisman Reward Bag.

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