Pyramid Schemes

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A Waking Dream Dream Architect (790,85)

Tier 1

Objective: Pick up the torch from the nearby wall

"The torch, child. We speak in metaphors because the alien mind cannot decipher them. Your path will be equally puzzling - wisdom must be your torch."
- Dream Architect

Look to the nearby wall and pluck the torch from the wall. Once the torch is taken, it will replace your action bar abilities. Press 'E' to drop the torch should you wish to do so.

Objective: Press the wall tile to proceed

With torch in hand, approach the wall tile with the Knot of Isis on it and use it.

Objective: Move past the floor tiles

Find a way across the tiles. Be careful! Stepping on the wrong tile will teleport you back to the beginning.

There should be something familiar about the tile sets.

Walk across the tiles that also share the Knot of Isis symbol to safely make it to the other side.

Objective: Proceed into the next chamber

Continue forward through the hallway.

Objective: Solve the riddle

"You are with the chosen. But you must choose for yourself."
- Dream Architect

"You are with the chosen. But you must make the right choices."
- Nephilim

Head further into the corridor. You are presented with a locked door.

Solve the riddle of the door to open it and leave.

There are once more symbols involved.

There are specific symbols above the door and along the hallway.

Use the symbols in the order presented above the door to unlock it and solve the riddle. Use the symbols at coordinates (815, 165), (125,155), and (185,180) in that order. Coordinates can be viewed by bringing up the map (M) and looking to the bottom left of your screen or by pressing F9 to determine your current coordinate location.

Objective: Move forward and dive deeper into the dream

"This is merely a dream."
- Dream Architect

"Even if this is merely a dream."
- Nephilim

Continue on, following the grissly blood trail to a gaping chasm.

Jump down to the darkness below.

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