Spy Games

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Venice Recording Device (85,240)
4 917 750

This mission is available within Arturo Castiglione's Office in the Sunken City.

Use the book on the bookshelf (85,240) to reveal the mission Spy Games.

Tier 1

Objective: Search for suspicious devices

Search every nook and cranny of Arturo Castiglione's Office for 7 suspicious recording devices.

Many of the Recording Devices lack outlines even when Interaction Outlines are enabled. Look closely to find the devices!

Take the device resting in the open book.

Right by Arturo himself is another recording device, this time sitting on top of his computer cabinet (90,245).

One device is under a broken floorboard (80,255).

A recording device is against the frame of the Grand Canal painting (80,265).

Against the pillar between the two office doors is one of the suspicious devices (90,275).

At the bottom of the picture frame to the Primavera painting is one of the hidden recording devices (100,270).

In the crevice of a couch's seats is another device (90,260).

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