The Dead Rise

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A Waking Dream Dream Architect (260,180)
5 000

Tier 1

Objective: Move through the cemetary gate

- Dream Architect

Walk through the cemetary gate to the other side (255,175) near a statue and a strange box.

Objective: Interact with the box to pick up a weapon

Approach the box and press 'F' to take the weapon. What weapon is in the box is determined by the Starter Class chosen at Character Creation.

Objective: Press (i) to open your inventory. Right-click your weapon to equip it

Open your inventory and find the weapon you picked up. Equip it by right-clicking on it.

Objective: Move closer to the Dream Architect

Make your way to the Dream Architect, who teleported nearby the second your weapon was equipped.

Objective: Listen to the Dream Architect.

"The dead are rising to the siren's song. Destroy them."
- Dream Architect

Sit there and listen to the Dream Architect for 5 seconds. Don't be rude.

Objective: Finish off the Trapped Zombie

"Basic abilities are as effortless as breathing but Power abilities draw upon your reservoir of energy."
- Dream Architect

Look to the pathetic, desperate zombie at the Dream Architect's feet and use either of your two attack abilities, Power (Left Mouse Button) and Basic (Q), to bring the Trapped Zombie to 0 health.

The Trapped Zombie only has 46 HP.

Tier 2

Objective: Defeat the Fresh Zombies

"Lay the dead to rest. Silence the call."
- Dream Architect

Defeat 3 Fresh Zombies roaming the cemetary ahead of you. Each Fresh Zombie has 26 HP.

Objective: Catch up to the Dream Architect

"Be mindfull of the voices. They will whisper in your sleep."
- Dream Architect

"Listen to the voices that whisper in your sleep."
- Nephilim

Continue through the cleared cemetary until you come upon the Dream Architect (235,145).

Objective: Learn more about your weapon

"You must learn focus and control! The Watchers will intervene only in dreams and only once..."
- Dream Architect

The Dream Architect will explain the core concept mechanics for your class's primary weapon.

"Every weapon becomes a unique focus for your abilities. Your elemental focus warms to your will - but balance is required to harness thermotic powers."
- Dream Architect concerning Elemental Focus Mechanics.

Listen to the Dream Architect and read the media popup displaying your primary weapon's mechanics. Press 'Escape' to dismiss the popup.

The Elementalism Specialty, Thermotics, is shown above. Each weapon has its own special mechanic. What mechanic is displayed in this popup depends on the primary weapon of your Starter Class.

Objective: Kill the Suspended Rakshasa

"The Rakshasa have also come to heed the song. Have pity, but spare them no mercy. They were once like you."
- Dream Architect

Kill the Suspended Rakshasa, which only has 66 HP; however, you may need to be mindful of your weapon's mechanics.

Objective: Head through the next gate

"The world shakes. The dead rise. You will be tested."
- Dream Architect

Make it through the gate.

Tier 3

Objective: Explore the graveyard

Tread farther into the graveyard.

Objective: Defend yourself against the Ravenous Zombies.

"You are cursed with free will."
- Dream Architect

"You are cursed with free will."
- Nephilim

Defend yourself against the zombie horde. Kill them all.

Objective: Continue exploring the graveyard

Continue forth!

Objective: Defend yourself against more zombies

Kill the unholy undead who dare to attack you.

Objective: Continue exploring the graveyard

Stay and explore. Standing for a little bit will still count as exploration.

Objective: Defend yourself against even more zombies

They are relentless. Defend yourself.

Objective: Defeat the Reanimated Gravekeeper

Kill the Gravekeeper.

Objective: Retrieve the lever handle from the Gravekeeper's body

Take the lever handle by pressing 'F' while hovering your reticle over it.

Objective: Approach the Dream Architect and listen to her advice

"Revenants do not follow the call. They follow death. You cannot leave this place while it lives. Be agile, be confident. Your life depends on it."
- Dream Architect

Walk over to the Dream Architect and listen.

Objective: Return the lever handle to its base

Look to the Egyptian styled tomb where the Dream Architect just previously stood and press 'F' at the designated location where the lever should be returned.

Objective: Defeat the Revenant

As soon as the lever is returned, the Revenant leaps down and attacks! Defeat it using everything you have learned so far. Dodging will be especially useful.

Completing this mission rewards a Starter Talisman Reward Bag.

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