Blue Fires Burning

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The Savage Coast Blue flames (180,615)
2 447 600

The dead have risen in Vinterskog Woods and are summoning strange blue flames all across the forest. Could this be a ritual to unearth more zombies?

Tier 1

The long dead cultists that summon the blue flames cannot have good intentions. Their ritual should be interrupted and they should be sent to their graves.

Objective: Kill Death Cult Magicians and Death Cult Practitioners

Kill any 6 Death Cultists that can be found chanting around the various Blue Flames in the Vinterskog Woods.

Blue Flame Locations

The following coordinates contain blue flames and thus will have Death Cult Magicians and Practitioners:

  • (130,610)
  • (145,570)
  • (105,550)
  • (90,600)
  • (130,650)
  • (170,675)
  • (210,585)

The Decomposing Left Leg needed as part of the ritual to summon Resurrection Joe in Kingsmouth Town for Zombies #13 spawns by one of the blue flames (130,645). While Blue Fires Burning is not necessary to pick up the Decomposing left leg, it can bring you close to the leg while killing Death Cult Magicians and Death Cult Practitioners.

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