Breakfast of Champignons

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The Savage Coast Ami (150,875)
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Mission Description: Ami speaks about harnessing the power of the land, how it can help and protect the island and its people if given a chance. With the correct practical application, Mother Nature could be key in overcoming the terrible creatures swarming the Savage Coast.

Tier 1

Task Description: Ami has a book detailing the properties found in local flora. Read it to learn how to harness the natural power found everywhere.

Objective: Read the Tome of Mystic Mushrooms

Inspect the Mystic Mushroom Tome on the chest in the front of Red's Bait and Tackle across from Ami.

Objective: Collect Black Corpse Rot

Objective: Collect Violet Fungi

Objective: Collect Ghost Caps

Objective: Collect Crimson Speckled Mushrooms

Head out into Vinterskog Woods and collect 6 Black Corpse Rot, 3 Violet Fungi, 3 Ghost Caps, and 7 Crimson Speckled Mushrooms. Each fungus is drawn in the Tome of Mystic Mushrooms for identification purposes.

Black Corpse Rot

Collect 6 Black Corpse Rot. Of the mushrooms needed, Black Corpse Rot has the smallest range and can only be found around the accursed blue flames of the Death Cult in the middle of Vinterskog Woods.

When a Black Corpse Rot is picked, it spreads a toxic Mushroom Cloud in a PBAoE that deals Damage Over Time for 10 seconds to any entity in the vicinity of the mushroom when it was picked.

Violet Fungi

Collect 3 Violet Fungi. Violet Fungi sparsely populate the hills of the Vinterskog Woods and have a slightly larger range than Black Corpse Rot.

When Violet Fungi are picked, they spread a cloud of spores in a PBAoE that afflicts all entities within range of the picked Violet Fungi with Sore Spore for 20 seconds.

Ghost Caps

Collect 3 Ghost Caps. Ghost Caps are the most plentiful of the mystic mushrooms and can be found throughout the entirety of the Vinterskog Woods. Ghost Caps favor the base of the cliffsides on the outskirts of the Vinterskog Woods, particularly along the water.

When Picked, Ghost Caps release a voluminous white plume of spores in a PBAoE that covers all nearby entities in a harmless but pretty Mushroom Cloud for 45 seconds.

Crimson Speckled Mushrooms

Collect 7 Crimson Speckled Mushrooms. Crimson Speckled Mushrooms have the second largest range and can be found throughout the Vinterskog Woods.

When picked, Crimson Speckled Mushrooms release a PBAoE afflicting all nearby entities with a purple cloud of spores that gives a Mushroom Rash for 20 seconds.

Tier 2

Task Description: You have everything you need to start experimenting, but be careful! Natural ingredients can be both good and bad. Choose your mixture with great care.

Objective: Experiment with the ingredients to make an empowering tonic

Return to Red's Bait and Tackle. There is a table against the building (155,865) that has jars filled with each type of mushroom. Each mushroom can be used once per tonic. Using an ingredient sends a FIFO on-screen message stating that you are adding the chosen ingredient.

Add the four mushrooms in the correct order to make an empowering tonic.

The corrrect order to add ingredients in is outlined in the Mystic Mushroom Tome:

  1. Crimson Speckled Mushroom
  2. Violet Fungi
  3. Black Corpse Rot
  4. Ghost Cap

After all four have been added in the desired order, combine the ingredients by using the microwave on the table.

If the combination was incorrect, you will receive the message "This combination has no effect". If the combination is the 'bad' order outlined in the Mystic Mushroom Tome, then three Fungal Swarmers will attack after the tonic has been microwaved.

If the ingredients were added in the correct order, you will receive a vision from Gaia in the form of a short cinematic. You are doing the Truffle Shuffle for the next 5:00 minutes and will see the world in disrtorted colors while empowered by the mystic mushrooms.

Tier 3

Task Description: It worked! The tonic is stimulating, and also triggered a vision of a massive, nearby draug pod. If it's allowed to gestate, the brood will most certainly cause big problems in the area.

Objective: Destroy the Massive Pod before its gestation ends

The Truffle Shuffle vision revealed a massive draug pod north of Tolba Bay (55,885). This Massive Pod has 100000 HP and is protected by 3 Askr Spakona. The Massive Pod is slowly gestating for the duration of the Truffle Shuffle.

Destroy the Massive Pod before it can finish gestating.

Tier 3 Fail

Task Description: You were too late! The Hel-Blar Berserker has emerged and must be destroyed.

Fail Objective: Destroy the Hel-Blar Berserker

If the gestation completes, the Hel-Blar Berserker emerges from the Massive Pod and attacks. It must be killed.

Tier 3

Task Description: You've prevented another Hel-Blar Berserker from joining their ranks in the Savage Coast

Objective: The Hel-Blar Berserker has been slain

Regardless of whether the Massive Pod was destroyed before it could give birth or if the Hel-Blar Berserker emerged from gestation and was killed, the Hel-Blar Berserker will be considered sufficiently slain.

This objective goal is automatically solved in 5 seconds.

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