Carter Unleashed

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The Savage Coast Carter (305,370)
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Mission Description

Carter is frustrated by having to sit idle while the school is falling apart around her. She wants to get out there and use her considerable abilities, but she's afraid of the consequences.

This missions requires you to have completed The Rec Center Cannot Hold from Annabel Usher.

Tier 1

Task Description

Carter's powers could help deal with the hordes of uncontrolled familiars, if she had someone to watch over her. First, find out how to contain her powers and protect yourself.

Objective: Read Montag's notebook

Inspect Montag's notebook on the desk in the back of the Administration offices.

Objective: Get an anima manipulator

Take the [W.A.N.D. Anima Manipulator] on the table next to Carter and Anabel Usher.

Objective: Get a portable ward generator

Objective: Acquire anima sources from familiars

Get the Portable Ward Generator from the Headmaster's Office and pick up 7 Anima charges dropped from killed Familiars.

Get a portable ward generator

Head to the Headmaster's Office on the second floor above the Administration offices and pick up the [Portable ward generator] (300,380) on the Headmaster's desk. This will place it in your Mission Inventory.

Acquire anima sources from familiars

Take 7 x [Anima charge] from Familiars around and within Innsmouth Academy. Killing a Familiar while wielding the [W.A.N.D. Anima Manipulator] will result in Familiars dropping an [Anima charge] upon death that can then be picked up from the ground within 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, an uncollected [Anima charge] will dissipate.

Objective: Assemble a charged ward generator

Use the [W.A.N.D. Anima Manipulator] from within your Mission Inventory or Quick Access Inventory to begin Shaping Anima. This short process combines the [Portable Ward Generator] with the 7 x [Anima charge] to created a [Charged ward generator].

Tier 2

Task Description

Escort Carter to the source of the familiars.

Objective: Meet Carter in the basement

Use the door to the Innsmouth Academy Basement (290,390) on the ground floor of Innsmouth Academy to travel to the Innsmouth Academy Basement. The Innsmouth Academy Basement is a Solo Instance.

Carter is waiting for you. Approach her.


"Don't worry, I'm tougher than I look."

Objective: Escort Carter to the source of the familiars

Carter is now following you. Go to the doorway to the next room (120,120), whereupon Carter will comment:


"I can't believe this seemed like a good idea. Okay, it's this way."

Objective: Go through the maintenance door

Use the maintenance door (120,130) across from the first entryway.

Unfortunately, the door doesn't budge.

FIFO On-Screen Message

It's locked.


Objective: Find a way to open the maintenance door

Head left to a room full of Crazed Familiars. It is the only way forward while the maintenance door is locked. Proceed through it and into the next room.

Carter will eagerly engage in combat alongside you. Be aware that her powers are not as controlled as yours and she can and will kill you if you don't use the Charged ward generator to create a ward to stand in when Carter casts Prom Night.

In the very back of the last room (110,150) is a control panel. Use the control panel to route power to the maintenance door so that the door will open. The power has returned to the Innsmouth Academy Basement.

Once the power is on, all Familiars being stored on hooks are now active and will become hostile upon approach - including the ones next to the control panel.

Carter's Abilities and Mechanics

4557 HP Level 22

Blood Spike

Carter's generic attacks is a Blood Spike. Blood Spike is a damaging strike that has a 1 second cast time and 1 second recast time. Carter typically only resorts to casting Blood Spike when all of her other spells are on cooldown.

A successful Blood Spike has a chance to cause Carter's target be Infected. has a chance to cause Carter's target to become Infected, each stack of which deals magical damage over time and increases the damage taken by an Infected individual for 10 seconds.

Boiling Blood

Carter commonly casts Boiling Blood. Boiling Blood is a damaging strike that has a 2 second cast time and 7 second recast time.

A successful damaging hit with Boiling Blood afflicts its target with the Damage Over Time debuff Accursed for 10 seconds. Accursed deals Damage Over Time and reduces heal, leech, and barrier effects received.

Boiling Blood looks incredibly similar to Blood Spike when cast.

Chain of Fools

Carter schools her Familiar foes by casting Chain of Fools. Chain of Fools is a damaging chain attack that has a 4 second cast time and 14 second recast time.


Carter can cause chaos around her by casting Escalation. Despite being a cone visually, Escalation is a 360 degree PBAoE with a radius of 3 meters that has a 0.5 second cast time and 7 second recast time.

Enemies hit by Carter's Escalation are afflicted with the Exposed state.

Thor's Hammer

The mighty Thor's Hammer is a strong single-target Elemental strike attack with a 2.5 second cast time and 7 second recast time.

Angel's Touch

When Carter is at 50% HP, she casts the strong single-target Blood Magic Heal Angel's Touch, which has a 1.5 second cast time and 22 second recast time.

Walled In

When extremely low on health and scared for her life, Carter will cast the Blood Magic barrier Walled In. Walled In has an instant cast time and no recast time and is a 10 second Channelled cast with a 0.5 second channeling interval. At the start of the channel, Walled In buffs Carter with the 10 second long Walled In barrier that completely wards against Melee, Ranged, and Magic damage. This makes Carter immune to all damage for the 10 second duration of Walled In.

While Walled In, Carter does a scared look around her throughout the channel as Hate toward Carter is reduced.

Prom Night

Carter's most threatening and fatal spell is her Prom Night. Prom Night is a 7 second channel with a 3 second cast time and a 60 second recast time. Carter's Prom Night is a 360 degree Channelled PBAoE capable of hitting a maximum of 10 foes within its 20 meter radius.


"Just so you know - things are about to get kinda gross."

Everything hit by Prom Night during its channel is afflicted by Carter's Burning every 1 second. Carter's Burning inflicts elemental damage over time and lasts 10 seconds.

Prom Night is Fatal to everyone up to 10 maximum entities within the 20 meter immediate vicinity of Carter who aren't protected by the Portable ward generator when the channel of Prom Night ends.

Failure to survive Prom Night for the very first time on a character will result in the appearance of the following tip:

Carter Unleashed Ward Reminder Tip

"Protect yourself from Carter's power by using the Charged ward generator."

Neither Carter's Burning nor the Fatality of Prom Night can be Evaded. Carter herself is immune to any damage whatsoever during Prom Night.

Charged ward generator

When Carter begins to cast Prom Night, use the [Charged ward generator] from within your Mission Inventory or Quick Access Inventory to produce a ward for 11 seconds at the location the generator was used.

Standing within the tastefully Illuminated ward grants the buff Portable ward generator for 2 seconds. The duration of Portable ward generator is refreshed while standing inside the ward.

The Ward will knock away any Familiars who are within it when it is created.

Objective: Escort Carter to the source of familiars

The maintenance door is open. Return to the maintenance door and go through it.

The next room has two doorways, one straight ahead and one to the right.

Instead of going straight, go right at this point to find Familiars #6 hiding behind shelves (125,145) in the back of the Familiar-filled room.

Go straight through the next maintenance door (120,145), which thankfully is already open. Continue straight through this second maintenance door to a third maintenance door (150,165).

The Familiars in the next room will attack only when you are in the middle of the room. Proceed to the next room, where a crowds of familiars are found blocking a doorway (175,190).

Enter the next room. There, stairs lead to the bowels of the basement. Upon seeing the stairs, Carter is sure you have found the source of the familiars and the mission will progress to Tier 3.


"I've never gone this far. I mean, with my powers. I think I like it."

Descend the stairs to witness the source of the familiars: an enormous Flesh Golem.

The source sleeps, but not for long. Carter will run up to the Flesh Golem as soon as she sees it.

Tier 3

Task Description

The familiars are driven out from the source in the basement; a terrifying flesh abomination. Destroy the abomination.

Objective: Destroy the flesh abomination

Destroy the Flesh Golem at the deepest levels of the Innsmouth Academy Basement. Carter will immediately engage it in combat with immense enthusiasm, so be watchful for her Prom Night and use the Charged ward generator as necessary. The Flesh Golem Level 22 and has 4557 HP.

Throughout the encounter, the Crazed Familiars in the room with the Flesh Golem will activate and attack as additional enemies.

Once the Flesh Golem is destroyed, Carter will set flame to every single remaining Familiar in the Innsmouth Academy Basement, destroying them all.


"The whispering's stopped. My nosebleed too... We better get back. Let's make this our secret, deal?"

Carter has been unleashed. The mission is complete.

You are free to wander the Innsmouth Academy Basement and leave at your leisure, either through the ladder near the Flesh Golem's containment unit (235,165), by using the basement door (95,100) that you originally used to enter the basement, or by Teleporting out of the Innsmouth Academy Basement directly ([Shift+T] by default).

Flesh Golem Abilities and Mechanics

4557 HP Level 22


The Flesh Golem is a Bonesmasher and has a greatly increased critical hit chance if its target is suffering movement impairment effects.

Traumatic Experience

The Flesh Golem is no stranger to traumatic experiences and aims to inflict Traumatic Experience on everyone around it. Traumatic Experience is a 360 degree PBAoE with a 7 meter radius and a 3.5 second cast time and 7 second recast time. Hits from Traumatic Experience will leech life to heal the Flesh Golem and cause any foe captured in the AoE to be Rooted in place for 6 seconds.

Traumatic Experience deals greater damage to anything within 3 meters of the Flesh Golem.

A successful Traumatic Experience impacts the cooldown of Flesh Crawls by 1 second.

Flesh Crawls

The Flesh Golem is a moving mass of flesh and thus capable of projectile vomiting masses of flesh with Flesh Crawls. Flesh Crawls is a single-target 3-hit MultiHit attack with a 1 second cast time and 6 second recast time.

Each hit of Flesh Crawls afflicts with 1 stack of Exposed for a total of 3 stacks of Exposed every successful time Flesh Crawls on a foe. Each stack of Exposed increases damage received by the Exposed target by 2% and can stack a total of 10 times for a total of 20% increased damage received. A single stack of Exposed decays after 10 seconds in combat.

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