Crime and Punishment

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The Savage Coast Sam Krieg (910,105)
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Tier 1

Objective: Find evidence of Krieg’s research into the island

On top of a picture frame on the ground next to Sam Krieg, lies a discarded letter. Interact with it to read.

The letter says the following.

Objective: Find Sam Krieg’s abandoned car

The letter might contain some clues.

A specific road is referenced in the letter. It mentions parking the car at an intersection of a road that has a stupid sentimental name. You should open your map and look for that.

Looking at the map there are two roads leading to the lighthouse. The one called Lover’s Regret does seem to be the one with the most sentimental name. Lets follow it.

Tier 2

Objective: Trace Krieg’s route back to the informant

Next to the car is a GPS. Pick it up. It is now in your inventory. Use it to play back the information on the latest journey.

The voice will tell you how Krieg’s car got here. What you need to do is to backtrack the events. In reversed order, the GPS information says:

  • Navigation is paused.
  • Turn left now.
  • Prepare to turn left.
  • Continue to follow the road.
  • Turn right, and follow the road for 500 yards.
  • Prepare to turn right.
  • Continue eastbound for 200 yards, and take the second exit.
  • Your journey has been calculated. Please exit onto a mapped road.

Let's look at a map and draw the route. The route ends at the gas station.

Objective: Look for clues at the gas station

Look in the garbage bin.

Tier 3

Objective: Figure out where Krieg’s informant lived

There might be a clue in the signed picture you found.

The house in the signed picture is not too far from the gas station.

The house you are looking for is the one across the road from John Wolf. Enter the grounds to proceed.

Tier 4

Objective: Find a way into the house

Go to the back of the house. You'll find a basement door. It is locked and you need to find out the code.

The picture you found contained a web address to the Sam Krieg fan-site of the guy living here. Open the in-game browser (press B) and go to Scrolling down we hit this entry on April 2nd:

So, a four digit code and it has something to do with Sam Kriegs books. There are a lot of four digit numbers in this blog connected to his books, both years and ISBN-numbers. A clue is given in in the post made on August 19th, where he has posted his four favourite covers. They are all tagged with the ISBN-numbers. Long story short: The code is the four last digits in the ISBN-number for The Resident Horror, 9780986018237.

The keypad code is 8237.

Objective: Enter the basement

Interact with the entrance to the Mancave to enter.

Tier 5

Objective: Access the informant’s files

Approach the computer and interact with it. Type in hint and press [Enter] to get a hint for the password: Foucault’s Pendulum – hardcover original.

Open the bowser and ask Google. Skipping the obvious guide pages for TSW (apart from this one, of course), you can find a book by Umberto Eco.

The password turns out to be the whole ISBN-number for the book. Input 9780151327652 and hit enter.

Warning! If you're playing the game on the German client, you may need the ISBN-number of the German edition of the book, in whic case the correct number is: 3446153950.

Mission complete! You should however spend some time reading what’s found. Lots of interesting information!

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