Crustacean Curse

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The Savage Coast Empty trap (125,825)
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Draug have invaded Tolba Bay, hatching new zombies from the corpses of the diseased. The lobster traps in Tolba Bay offer a unique opportunity to study the draug's effect on wildlife as well.

Tier 1

While there is little fishing going on in Tolba Bay these days, the traps filled before the fog came may have lobster and crab in them. It would be interesting to see if the draug affect the crustaceans in the same way they affect humans.

Objective: Check the lobster traps in Tolba Bay

Examine 5 lobster traps found within the waters of Tolba Bay.

Tier 2

The lobsters and crap caught in the traps show signs of deformity and erratic behaviour. The draug appear to corrupt everything they come in contact with, and steal its properties using them to strengthen themselves. The Tolba Bay population could use a little culling.

Objective: Kill Draug in Tolba Bay

Objective: Kill Zombies in Tolba Bay

Cull the population of draug and their zombies by killing 5 Askr Draug and 4 Drowned Mariner Carrier Zombies.

Draug in Tolba Bay

Kill 5 of any of the Aksr Draug invading Tolba Bay. The Aksr Maulers, Impalers, Broodwitches, and Volur will count.

Zombies in Tolba Bay

Kill 4 Drowned Mariner Carriers. These zombies roam the waters of the bay.

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