Field of Nightmares

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The Savage Coast Mutilated corpse (790,360)
2 333 500

Mission Description: Zombies aren't the only killers about. This corpse has wounds that resemble those inflicted by a shotgun. Some marks on the body could even have come from a chainsaw.

Tier 1

Task Description: The victim was not mutilated by zombies. The killer - or killers - took little care to hide their tracks, which lead into the nearby fields. Go there and investigate closer.

Objective: Investigate the nearby fields

Enter the Threshing Fields (800,380) north of the mutilated corpse.

Objective: Kill Fall scarecrows

Kill 4 Fall scarecrows such as Fall Hewers or Fall Gatherers. The Champion known as Clyde and Bonnie is also a Fall scarecrow. All Fall scarecrows are Built to Last and have a greatly increased resistance to impairment effects.

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