Hexes and How to Avoid Them

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The Savage Coast Overdue Library Book (290,345)
2 417 600

Tier 1

Objective: Pick up the book

Take the poor, abandoned library book so it can finally be returned to its rightful place.

Objective: Return the book to the library

Make your way out of the attic and head down to the library.

Partway through the attic (285,355), the book will afflict Hexed: Gloom Shroud upon you for 10 seconds. This is accompanied by a very brief flash of the screen and single instance of a heartbeat.

Continue on. The Gloom Shroud won't stop you.

Near the door to the attic exit (280,380), the book casts Hexed: Confusion, which lasts for 10 seconds. This debuff causes left and right movement to act as opposites for its duration.

At the top of the stairs (295,380), the fiendish book curses you with Hexed: Hungry Void, causing you to black out as it teleports you from the top down to the second floor (300,370).

On the second floor stairwell (290,375), you become Hexed: Animated Anger for 10 seconds, which causes a Level 20 Hexbound to spawn and attack you.

Upon entering the Library (275,380), the book causes you to become afflicted with Hexed: Illusions, resulting in jackalopes prancing across the library for 15 seconds.

Place the book on the nearby table (265,370) so that it is safely returned to the library.

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