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The Savage Coast Hayden Montag (305,370)
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Mission Description: Creatures of the occult, demons and even some people were laid into the very foundations that keep Innsmouth Academy standing. All to provide anima for the wards that protect the school, and Kingsmouth, from everything that lurks outside - and inside - the walls. Now the walls themselves are leaking anima and creatures are breaking free, leaving the school vulnerable.

Tier 1

Task Description: Examine the campus blueprints to find out where the anima caches are. They should be in the Headmaster's Office.

Objective: Study blueprints in the Headmaster's Ovffice

Exit the Administration Offices and go up the nearby stairs. The Headmaster's Office will be on the left (300,370). Enter the Headmster's Office and inspect the campus blueprints on the office wall (305,380).

Tier 2

Task Description: There are minor anima leaks around the dormatory [sic] as well as by the pond in the park. Both must be closed.

Objective: Go to the dorm

Exit the main academy building and go to the dormitories (305,425) on the northern corner of the campus.

Objective: Close anima leaks around the dorm

Close the 3 Minor Anima Leaks around the Innsmouth Academy dormitories. They are located in the front (300,450), side (260,440), and back (275,460) of the building and are distinctive pools of anima bursting from the walls of the building.

Approaching a leak causes 2 Arcane Cadavers to spawn. Until the the Arcane Cadavers are killed, closing the Minor Anima Leaks around the dorms will be more difficult.

Once the Arcane Cadavers have been killed, you can safely use the Minor Anima Leak without the Arcane Cadavers breaking your concentration. Deactivating the minor anima leak takes 5 seconds.

Objective: Go to the pond

Go to the pond (355,335) in the small park on the Innsmouth Academy grounds.

Objective: Close the anima leak by the pond

The Anima Leak is in the heart of the pond. A mud golem, the Suffocating Spirit, guards the Anima Leak while hording the Anima to itself. The Suffocating Spirit will attack if the Anima Leak is approached.

Defeat the Suffocating Spirit and Deactivate the Anima Leak.

Tier 3

Task Description: The blueprints also showed anima caches around the old block and the main academy building. Close the leaks at these locations as well.

Objective: Check the old block

The old block is in the back of the Innsmouth Academy campus (215,220).

Objective: Close anima leaks around the old block

Close the 3 Minor Anima Leaks around the old block. They are located in the front (215,210), on the side (210,185), and in the back (200,200) of the building. Each of the Minor Anima Leaks are protected by 2 Arcane Cadavers.

Close all 3 of the Minor Anima Leaks.

Objective: Go to the main academy building

Go to the back of the Innsmouth Academy school building (235,370).

Objective: Close the anima leak at the main building

The Anima Leak (245,375) in the back of the main academy building needs to be closed. Upon approaching the Anima leak, a wave of 2 Infernal Dowry will immediately attack. They are followed by a total of 3 Infernal Dowry that protect the Anima Leak.

Once the Infernal Dowries have been destroyed, an Unchained Hellspawn bursts from the walls of the academy. They really did put demons in there!

Deactivate the Anima Leak once there are no more demonic interruptions to stop you.

Tier 4

Task Description: Finally, the blueprints showed a major cache in the rock face foundations of the academy, by the water. This leak is more dangerous than the others because it's outside the academy grounds. It is of utmost importance that it be closed.

Objective: Go to the outer wall

Exit the Innsmouth Academy grounds and go to the rocks alongside the cliffs surrounding Innsmouth Academy (170,250) that serve as an outer wall.

Objective: Defeat the Academy Wraith

Objective: Close the major anima leak

This is a Major Anima Leak. Close the Major Anima leak by deactivating it, and defeat the wraith that emerges from the Major Anima Leak. These goals may be completed in any order, but it will be more difficult to close the major anima leak before defeating the academy wraith.

Defeat the Academy Wraith

Approaching the Major Anima leak will cause 2 Escaped spirits to attack. Each one can be an Escaped Student Eidolon or Escaped Spectral Geist.

Shortly afterwards, the Academy Wraith will attack from the academy walls.

Mal'un, the Accursed must be defeated.

Close the major anima leak

Close the Major Anima Leak. As with all other Anima Leaks, Deactivating it takes 5 seconds.

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