Stranger Than Fiction

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The Savage Coast Novella (580,355)
1 486 500

Mission Description

A dismembered arm still clutches a dog-eared Sam Krieg paperback in its rictus grip. "An unrelenting thrill-ride with a killer twist!" claims the jacket blurb.

Eternal Hunger
The Wendigo Ravager and Lurking Wendigo spawned during Stranger Than Fiction both have incredibly swift respawn times when killed by somebody who isn't currently on this mission and isn't grouped with somebody else who is on this mission. Some methods for farming Wendigo kills at a fast pace utilise this Side Mission to their advantage.

Tier 1

Task Description

On a dare to enter an abandoned theme park, a group of friends are stalked and picked off by a vicious beast. Under current circumstances, it's a likely story.

Objective: Examine the novella

Use the novella in the dismembered arm's hand to examine its contents. There is no media popup that shows the contents or text of the novella. Instead, descriptions in the Mission Journal contain information on what the novella is about after the novella is examined.

Objective: Search for the beast

Follow the pathway to the rainbow arch between Sideshow Alley and the Rollercoaster (655,455) to see a Wendigo Ravager appear behind the sunny mascot statue!

Objective: Kill the Wendigo Ravager

Kill the Wendigo Ravager. It circles the small grassy area between the rollercoaster and sun statue. The Wendigo Ravager is Level 18 and has 3106 HP.

Tier 2

Task Description

The story's survivors hoped to find refuge at a distant lighthouse, only to discover they had fled from one horror into the jaws of another. Unlike them, you can go there forewarned.

Objective: Head for the lighthouse

Follow in the footsteps of the story's tragic protagonists and go to the lighthouse. Step onto the bridge closest to the lighthouse (865,170) to face the horror waiting on the other side that isn't named Sam Krieg.

Objective: Kill the Lurking Wendigo

Kill the Lurking Wendigo that has appeared precisely as Sam Krieg's novella suggested. The Lurking Wendigo will walk back and forth across the bridge closest to the lighthouse as it lurks and looms in search of its prey. The Lurking Wendigo is Level 18 and has 3106 HP.

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