The Black Pool

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The Savage Coast Filth pool (215,995)
2 083 500

This little pool has been completely inundated by a black, putrid liquid. Samples taken from the black water could prove useful for your faction's HQ.

Tier 1

The pool and the area around is infested, but the data gathered from a live environment like this might be very valuable. Examine the pool and gather samples, but stay alert. The pool has likely infected people and animals that came in contact with it.

Objective: Examine the black pool

Get closer to the Black Pool (210,990). Standing in the pool itself is not advised, as it afflicts stacks of the Damage Over Time Filth Exposure debuff. Filth Exposure deals damage over time while also increasing damage taken, reducing movement speed, and reduces all forms of healing be they direct healing, absorption, or leech effects. The Filthy environment is damaging you.

Objective: Kill nearby Filth-infected victims

Kill 4 Filth-infected around the Black Pool. Any Filth-Choked Babbler or Infected Madman is sufficiently Filth-Infected and must be destroyed.

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