The Exterminator

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The Savage Coast Slimy mass (440,815)
2 083 500

Mission Description: Black Goat Woods is buzzing with the fervent work of ak'ab workers constructing new lairs. They cannot be allowed to expand further and their burrows must be destroyed.

Tier 1

Task Description: Cull the ak'ab population in Black Goat Woods and destroy some of their newly made burrows.

Objective: Kill Umbral Brood Workers

Objective: Destroy ak'ab burrows

Objective: Kill Umbral Brood Sentries and Umbral Brood Spitters

Kill 12 Umbral Brood Workers, 4 of any combination of Umbral Brood Sentries and Umbral Brood Spitters, and destroy 2 ak'ab burrows to sufficiently cull the ak'ab population in the Black Goat Woods of the Savage Coast.

Kill Umbral Brood Workers

Kill 12 Umbral Brood Workers. These small red-winged ak'ab cluster around Ak'ab burrows and hives in the Woods as they construct the various forms of ak'ab infrastructure.

Destroy ak'ab burrows

Destroy 2 Ak'ab burrows. Ak'ab burrows are destructible with 1000 HP and can be found within the ak'ab territory near the treehouse to the east (515,900) and west (465,895) of the League of Monster Slayers' treehouse.

Destroying an Ak'ab burrow will cause any nearby Umbral Brood Workers to attack in defence of the hive!

Be sure you can handle the swarm of ak'ab before destroying an Ak'ab burrow, or clear out nearby Umbral Brood Workers prior to destroying their burrow to otherwise avoid being swarmed.

Kill Umbral Brood Sentries and Umbral Brood Spitters

Kill 4 Umbral Brood Sentries and Umbral Brood Spitters in any combination. Umbral Brood Sentries and Umbral Brood Spitters are found primarily along the perimeter of the ak'ab infestation within the Black Goat Woods. These ak'ab are much larger than the Umbral Brood Workers they protect.

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