The Faculty

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The Savage Coast Hayden Montag (305,370)
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Mission Description: The situation at the academy is dire. Past faculty members are rampaging the grounds as spectres, and the headmaster recognises that they might reactivate an old War Golem. If that were to happen, it would be a most catastrophic situation. It's imperative to stop the spectres before they get that far.

Tier 1

Task Description: The faculty spectres have the power and knowledge to reanimate a dormant War Golem. They must be stopped. Find the record of interred faculty members in the Bursar's Office.

Objective: Obtain faculty records

Go up the stairs to the second floor and enter the Bursar's Office (290,400). Inside the office is a safe of interred faculty records (295,400). Open it to obtain the faculty records hidden within the safe.

Tier 2

Task Description: The records show that the faculty members with the privileged knowledge all taught different subjects. Check the different classrooms and eliminate any spectres if necessary.

Objective: Go to the Arcane Geometry room

Go to the other side of the school on the second floor (275,350) and enter the Arcane Geometry room.

Objective: Eliminate Professor Kraekenbuehl's spectre

Professor Kraekenbuehl's spectre stares out the windows of the Arcane Geometry classroom (290,330).

Tier 2

Task Description: Professor Renteaub used to teach Defensive Magic. Check the room and eliminate the spectre.

Objective: Go to the Defensive Magic room

Go to the next room in the hall (280,340) after the Arcane Geometry room: the Defensive Magic classroom.

Objective: Eliminate Professor Renteaub's spectre

Professor Renteaub's lingers by the bookshelf (290,335) and must be destroyed.

Tier 2

Task Description: Professor Amriel used to teach Parapsychology. Check the room and eliminate the spectre.

Objective: Go to the Parapsychology room

Go across the hall (275,335) to the Parapsychology room.

Objective: Eliminate Professor Amriel's spectre

Professor Amriel's spectre haunts the back of the Parapsychology room (270,330).

Tier 2

Task Description: Professor Gallard used to teach Occult History. Check the room and eliminate the spectre.

Objective: Go to the Occult History room

The Occult History classroom is the last room in the hallway that has not yet been checked (270,350). Enter the Occult History room.

Objective: Eliminate Professor Gallard's spectre

Professor Gallard's spectre watches the doorway from against the windows (260,345).

Tier 2

Task Description: Professor Jones used to teach Summoning. Check the room and eliminate the spectre.

Objective: Go to the Summoning Lab

The Summoning Lab is on the other side of the school (260,395). Enter the lab.

Objective: Eliminate Professor Jones's spectre

Professor Jones still haunts the Summoning Lab. Like the other spectral faculty members, she must be dealt with.

Tier 3

Objective: Go to the Alchemy Lab

Task Description: With the late professors taken care of, the next step is to ensure the War Golem wasn't activated. Check the container where it was kept in supended animation.

The Alchemy Lab (255,390) is right next to the Summoning Lab.

Objective: Check the War Golem container

Get close enough to look at the War Golem container in the back of the Alchemy Lab.

Tier 4

Task Description: It seems you were too late - the container is empty and all that remains is a trail of formaldehyde leading away. The golem must be found!

Objective: Track the War Golem by following the formaldehyde stains

The War Golem has left a trail of formaldehyde in its path. Visual tracking has been initiated to better identify the blood-like formaldehyde stains. If the formaldehyde is interacted with, a FIFO on-screen message will state "Formaldehyde" just to confirm it is in fact formaldehyde and not blood or other bodily fluids.

Exit the Alchemy Lab through the door across from the War Golem container and then turn right. From there, go to the end of the hallway and turn right again.

Follow the hall to the doors leading to the stairwell, where a streak of formaldehyde turns toward and up the stairs (290,375). Ascend the stairs and continue to follow the formaldehyde through the attic (280,375).

Objective: Go to the roof

Go to the roof door (285,345) at the end of the attic. Use it to enter the roof.

Tier 5

Task Description: The golem has been brought to the academy rooftop, where it has been activated. It's a bad situation gone worse. Kill the thing before it can do too much damage!

Objective: Kill the War Golem

The War Golem and three Spectral Channelers await atop the roof. While the Spectral Channelers may disappear when approached, attacking will also cause them to disperse into the ether.

The Bestiary Legend Familiars #5 is in a corner of the Innsmouth Academy rooftop (275,365) by the War Golem. The roof and thus this legend can only be reached while on the mission, "The Faculty".

When the Spectral Channelers have vanished, the War Golem will rise and attack. The War Golem was made for war, after all.

Kill the War Golem.

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